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The Donger
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

CoachKev wrote:

I can give a perspective having run with Rob a number of times including the last 30 miles of his 375 mile run. He is genuine and is faking nothing I can assure you of that. He just wants to run and set records and I'm afraid he can't do much about what journalists or others write about him and how they can exaggerate the truth sometimes.

At mile 360 he did run sub 7 min pace for at least 3 miles and I have a video to prove it with the pace showing on my watch. He did go sub 6 min pace for most of this and even faster. I couldn't run and film at that pace as my fastest pace is 6 min miling and I struggled to keep up with him. He was running after having a massage from a friend of mine so his legs were in better shape.

He did have multiple coffees and sugar at the 350 point and a few others on the way to 375.

His average pace whilst running with me was sub 9 min and I know what a mess he was in because I was the pacer and it was me who called the run over as I was protecting him. I called the ambulance and his team of supporters and expressed my concern. The paramedics were understandable concerned as his heart rate was VERY low and his entire body was in a mess. His throat was swollen and his glands and mouth were filled with ulcers and he was finding it difficult to do anything. This was a human being at its lowest and it was then I realised what dealing with pain is really about.

Since that day I have run a few more times with Rob and can verify his speed and endurance. His team will take times and wins to suit their needs. If he ran 27 miles and won each stage in the Race Across America then no matter what you think it is still an ultra distance and still a win.

He was a domestique for a professional cycling team and a successful triathlete so he has pedigree in sport.

Rob truly is one of the nicest and most genuine people you could ever meet and I truly encourage each and every one of you to take time to run with him and see what a bloody nice bloke he is. If you haven't run with him and haven't taken the time to do so I don't think you can comment negatively. If you have integrity then go and track him down and run a few miles.

Please don't be negative towards him and just run and see what he really is all about. You will be very surprised at what a lovely guy he is and how genuine he is. Think how negativity affects you in a race and how if you had lots of people on the side of the road calling you a fraud and a charlatan, don't tell me you wouldn't be upset by it.

It's too easy to write bad stuff and hide behind a keyboard. Get out there and run some miles, record them and try to actually get behind something in a positive way rather than taking the easy negative route.

Don't go ballistic at me either as I'm just writing my perspective on things and just like you I'm entitled to my opinion. I have the integrity and security in the knowledge that I have actually run with Rob and have seen what he can do.

Yes I realise I haven't posted on here before but I saw this rotten thread in a Facebook group and couldn't sit by and just let this go.

I am not a fool either and saw through the entire Mark Vaz fraud and I can assure you that this is definately not the case with Rob Young. The two are completely different. Vaz was looking for attention and money of that there is no doubt. Rob is looking to beat demons and to prove to himself that he can do these amazing things and to inspire children.

I have seen him talk in classrooms and listened to his story and he is magnetic and inspirational. How many of you take the time to inspire kids and others and truly want to make a difference in people's lives. I'm sure many of you do but equally I'm sure there are some who delight in nocking people at any opportunity.

This was written at 3:29 am. Shouldn't you be out running instead of on the computer in the RV?

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