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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Raysism wrote:

[quote]SteelTownRunner wrote:

[quote]Raysism wrote:

It's been said elsewhere and above, but the absolute bare minimum evidence for this endeavor would be GPS data off of a running watch. This is 2016 -- I can see second-by-second evidence of my friends' easy runs on Strava -- so how is it that we're not going to be able to see evidence of a transcontinental world record?

The absence of this evidence is evidence of something.

There is no way to get true evidence. To make a monumental claim, the burden of proof is upon them. All a GPS shows is that someone (perhaps other than RY) ran (or transported) the GPS for whatever distance at whatever pace. The best way to earn trust of doubters, is, [shocker] to earn their trust, by

a) not making bogus record claims like longest run w/o sleep
b) bringing as much evidence to the table as possible
c) not be combative with those asking innocent and reasonable questions
d) show up to a proper race and put up a decent performance. There are many multi-day races around the world where he can prove his mettle should he choose to do so.[/quote]

I didn't say a GPS watch would be "true" evidence -- it's just the bare minimum.

But he could come pretty close to proving it if he were fully engaged with Strava -- all we'd have to do is send someone out there to see what's going on, and then compare it to the Strava record. The guy who set the world record for most miles biked in a year last year did it all on Strava, and people came out and rode with him.[/quote]

unless you are prepared to spend a week+ with him around the clock, as a pretty good runner, he could be running any time you're out there. It would take a team.

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