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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Ne-now wrote:

guys, when i say he is not a top-10 talent doesnt mean he's not supertalented.
Gebre wasnt even the top ethiopian junior in his time despite having trained very hard from an early age, for him consistent good training over years and years was necessary to be a world-class distance runner in oposite to some kenyans who run 61-62 min halfs after 1-2 years of training.

That IS talent; response to a stimulus/stress inflicted upon the body.

And he WAS a top Ethiopian junior. I have his book. I have no idea where you are getting YOUR information from, but it must be from Gebrselassie or Jos Hermens himself (though both of them contradict your own testimony in Denison's book).

Tergat didnt run at all in his youth and his PRs are very close to Hailes or better

First of all, you have no idea what Tergat's activity level was in his youth, so do not speculate about things with which you have no familiarity.

Had you placed a pedometer on Tergat (as some scientists did recently to some Kenyan youngsters in comparing them to Danish children) you would UNDOUBTEDLY have found that Tergat's aerobic activity level, whether or not it was running (he said he did not run to school; that says nothing about his daily activity such as playing with other kids) is likely ENORMOUSLY greater than that of a similar American teenager.

We have been through this before.

Further, in every way and at every major track championship and at every single track distance at which the two raced, Gebrselassie DOMINATED Tergat.

Here are their respective PB's:


Gebrselassie, 49.97 (Jos Hermens)

Tergat, unknown


Gebrselassie, 1:46

Tergat, unknown


Gebrselassie, 3:31.76

Tergat, 3:45 (never raced it seriously, as Toby Tanser noted, he ran his last 1500 in an X-C race in 3:46 once)


Gebrselassie, 7:25.09

Tergat, 7:28.70


Gebrselassie, 12:39.36

Tergat, 12:49.87


Gebrselassie, 26:22.75

Tergat, 26:27.85

Tergat has runs TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES and has never beaten Gebrselassie on the track.

In TWENTY-ONE career matchups, road, track, and cross-country, Geb is undefeated on the track, 3-1 on road (Tergat won London) and 1-2 on cross-country.

As for PR's, Gebrselassie's on time-oriented attempt at the half-marathon on a FAST course was 59:40. Tergat's official WR (having run MANY 13.1 mile races) is 59:17. If you doubt he can take it down I would be surprised.

Geb has also run just one marathon. Tergat has done a lot since 2001 (I cannot recall the exact number, but I believe it is 6-7)

Bekele is a bigger talent, Kipchoge is a bigger talent, Shaheen is a bigger talent, Komen was a bigger talent,Nicholas Kembois is a bigger talent you see...

Absurd! By what arbitrary nonsense are you fabricating this garbage?

Only a small piece of talent involves what you popped from your mother's womb with. Much more of this involves lifetime aerobic base, ability to respond to training, mental attributes allowing endurance of difficult training and competition situations, ability to tolerate pain, and other characteristics not measured in any physiological evaluation center ANYWHERE.

Again Haile is a phenom and an incredible talent but there are definiertly more talented guys out there.

When you can come up with something resembling a cogent explanation of this statement, let us know, because at this moment it appears only so much horse manure.

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