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Renato Canova
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Ne-now, may be that my English is not very good, but I think that is possible to understand what I want to say.
Your arguments are very much debatable, and I want to reply to you discussing what you say.

1) Do you know some person (of every Country) that goes to live abroad, starting ABROAD a professional sport ? I suppose that, if a Kenyan goes to live in another Country, is only for two different reasons : a) he has a very good opportunity of working at higher level than in Kenya (for example, in some University or in some important enterprise, or because he's a political man) and 2) because, not having any specialization, hopes to find some job abroad for improving his life. In this two situations, do you think that someone has time and motivation for training in PROFESSIONAL WAY as cyclist or swimmer ? You are completely out of reality.

2) I agree with you that, if African runners of 28 try to have a competition with a bike against white runners of 30, are the white athletes to win. But the reason is very simple : AFRICANS ARE NOT ABLE TO USE A BIKE ! If you see in Kenya the type of bikes generally used, you can agree with me. Kenyan bikes are usually chinese models. The saddle is very high, people pedale on the top of their feet with their legs completely straight, they have no gears, and is very evident that nobody has any knowledge of biomechanics, using very wrong positions. So, your analizys starts from not correct bases : in our Countries, 90% of the boys learn to use a bike when are very young, in Africa the percentage is very little, and the way of using not technically correct.

3)The fact of Nicholas Kemboi is a personal situation that happened because the guy was confused for many reasons, not connected with his activity. I never said that Nicholas was lazy when he trained very hard for two months in 2003 improving till 26:30. I said that he was "lazy" when he finished to train hard for other reasons.
In 1999, Christopher Kosgei, elder brother of Stephen Cherono, that was my first World Champion, was very serious from October 98 till August 99, training very hard. During that period, he could be an example for every one. Soon after winning the title, became completely lazy, finishing his career without any reason, in very good health and without physical problems. This doesn't mean that ALL KENYAN ARE LAZY, and doesn't mean that CHRISTOPHER WAS ALWAYS LAZY. This means that CHRISTOPHER FINISHED HIS CAREER BECAUSE BECAME LAZY FOR A LOT OF DIFFERENT REASONS. Don't do the mistake of changing some particular situation in general behavior.

4) Regarding what Marius Bakken wrote, sorry, but I don't agree. In western countries there are a lot of runners OLD and AMATEUR, but very few runners in agonistic and competitive way. In Africa, competitivity is the base of the activity. In USA and Europe, fitness is the base of activity, and young runners are, at the same time, tennis player, skiers, cyclists and global sportsmen. So, the goal is to build their body for having better health and better image, not to try to overtake their limits for running faster (that instead was the motivation of European and American runners of 30-20 years ago, see Lindgren and Prefontaine, for example).
May be that today there are motivated athletes (like Dathan, Webb, Deena Kastor and some other). But the problem is : what type of base they were able to build when very young ? Here there is the difference.

5) Regarding the denish research, you of sure know that, while the datas regarding swedish and kenyan boys present very similar value, the datas regarding runners of 20-25 years are very different. So, if you want to analyze the situation, you can see that the most important difference is due to the physical activity (may be official training or natural training) that the boys do in the age from 8 and 20 years. IS DURING THIS PERIOD THAT WHITE PEOPLE DON'T INCREASE THEIR QUALITIES BECAUSE DON'T DO ACTIVITY ENOUGH, NOT BEFORE, in other case it could be possible to find big difference when the boys were very young. So, of sure there are some genetical differences, but, believeme, the most important source of difference is the different style of life.

When I was young, I remember that normally played 4-5 hours a day soccer or other activities, in the streets near my house, in the center of Torino. In the last 15 years, in Italy is no more possible to stay on the street, because they are so busy and full of cars that you have no place for walking.
In the periferal areas, in Kenya, you can yet see children 3-6 years old running for more than one hour pushing a big tyre of a tractor, or using games that our society forgot.
So, may be possible for a mzungo to be competitive with the top runners, but only growing in areas where the natural activity is yet the base of your life.

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