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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
yeah there could be good kenyan cyclists but just like in every other country, there is not ONE kenyan athlete who is among top-100 in swimming,cycling or triathlon.
There are more than a handfull of kenyans or people off kenyan heritage who live abroad and have access to bikes, swimming facilities etc. but not a single world-class endurance athlete in another sport than running.
I believe if you put 10 28min 10k kenyans against 10 30min 10k american/european runners, both groups with absolute no cycling background in a bike race it will be a tie or even a victory for the caucasian runners.
I agree with you on the reasons for the decline of european running in the last 20-years but its not the important difference.Mr.Canova, first you tell stories about how lazy Nicholas Kemboi is, taking months off despite being the 4th best 10k-runner ever and then you come-up with statements like the kenyans are not as soft as non-africans, thats ridicolous!Marius Bakken once posted that there are by far more young runners in the US than in Kenya(in % to the population).
I saw an interview with Dr.Rosa once and he said:If you are a kenyan its easy to become a good runner, thousands of years without industrialisation formed the body of the kenyans.
There was also a research by some denish doctors, they took two group of teenagers:one of kenyans, one of denish kids.
They protocolled their activity in the past, activity now, put them on a trainings program, did some treadmill tests and finally a 5000m-run.
They found out that the denish boys lived a much more active lifestyle, could push them self harder on the treadmill test(higher max.lactic acid value), had higher Vo2max-values and guess what happend in the final 5k run...the kenyan kids ran 2min faster on average!!!
Non of these kenyan kids was running to school or something, lazy guys who played soccer or basketball ocassional.They did lots of research and research, musclebiopsy, more treadmill explanation then they remeberd of an old test where they found out that running efficency goes down a lot if you put some weight around the ankle and then they started to measure the volume of the lowerleg of kenyans and found out that there was an incredible big difference between europeans and kenyans.So basically the conclusion of the whole research was that kenyans are born with supreme biomechanics for running and that their main-advantage.

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