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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Antonio Cabral wrote:

Racer 1
In Kennedy case what´s relevant is that a runner with confined speed is simply the best cherono 5000m performer of all time considering the non-african born. so many times sub 13:00 and also a lot of good results, much better than Bauman that did olympic gold - that´s true - but never did so many times sub 13 as Bob did.
Now tell me how many runers with faster 400m than Kennedy that they simply haven´t been the talent to be in the olympics not win a medal. Thousands and thousands, so kennedy he may be consider a very good 5000m performer indeed.

Bob Kennedy ran sub-13:00 TWICE:

Stockholm 1996, 12:58.75 behind Komen's 12:51, 2nd place

Zurich 1996, 12:58.21 behind 4 others (Komen, Gebrselassie, Tergat, Boulami)

Baumann did it once FASTER: Zurich 1997, 12:54.70, European Record

I do not know ANY runner who would rather have 2 sub-13:00 times than would rather have an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL (1992 for Baumann), an OLYMPIC SILVER MEDAL (1988), and a 12:54 European Record (1997).

The medals are FAR MORe IMPORTANT.

My only regret is that Bob seems not to pay attention to outdoors - road and cross. That´s typical from an american atitude. Only the track matters.

Not just "American" attitude. El Guerrouj, Gebrselassie, and many others focus SOLELY on track and they are the greatest in the world.

Even Rui Silva; I only ever hear about him running indoor and outdoor TRACK. Maybe he runs road races in Portugal, but I never see him doing World Cross-Country or jumping into a marathon. To race fast on the track takes very specific preparation.

To do well on the track is more prestigious, I think, than the roads.

Well he did a world cross some years ago, and now he tries the marathon. I think that if he did try some winter outdoors he would be able him to do a chrono very close very close to 27:00 in the 10000m if not the first non- african to do a sub 27:00 that i´m waiting for, but this is simply a my own opinion. Eventually he did train in faster paces (i think that he said so) and also did workouts with more frequency that he should have done, but this is also a personal opinion, but i keep thinking that´s great talent that didn´t reach their limits yet. Also tye fact that the frequent injuries did enables him a lot.

He was not injured very much.

In 1996 he had a stress fracture. He cross-trained using a bike, got off the bike and began racing at the Prefontaine Classic with a 3:56 mile PR.

Later in the summer, 2 12:58 5,000's.

In 2000 he harmed his back when a driver slammed into the back of his car going 50 mph.

He ran many times 13:02-13:10, very consistent. I think he achieved his potential.

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