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Renato Canova
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
I am in Iten, and here internet works very bad and is very slow. Now are 10.40 pm, and I read some post after 4 days. Regarding the length of the ramps, I want to remind that the effect is to recruit the highest possible number of fibers in muscles interested in the action. So, is not important to use longer distances, because the goal is not to make high quantity of lactate, but is a neuromuscolar effect. Ramps can have a very hard gradient (may be about 30%), and can last about 6-8 sec. The difference between ramps and hills is in the gradient, and of course in their duration. With ramps I want to develop explosive strength, basic strength for every type of exercise. I have not care about recovery time : when I feel ok, I go again. Instead, with sprints climbing, I use a gradient between 10 and 15%. I cannot speak of real run on the ramp, because the speed is very slow : ramps can replace weight training. Instead, sprints climbing are sprint at max intensity, and can go till 100m, depending on the gradient. They can last about 12-15 sec. In this case, the athlete can produce a good levbel of lactate, but the quantity in his muscles is little, and he can remove it in short time. I can vary length and gradient according what I need. Remember that in any type of training we can use different executions, that can become less or more interesting depending of the needs of every athlete.
Regarding the other question : I don't know Hadd, and I never heard to speak of him before this post. Of sure, he is not Italian. I don't want to comment what other coaches wrote, I write what I normally do, and the reason for doing. But, you know, there are many system valid for coaching an athlete, and not an ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

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