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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Your kindness and your sincerity and your direct post to me that´s something I love a lot. I thank you for what you said about me in this your 2 posts. Also since the first post that i see that you have your e-mail identification, and this is also very positive.

Despite that you say that you don´t keep to share with me and all the readers more e-mails, let me try answer to you what I feel by reading your second e-mail.

1)I simply post that 2 quotes because when I open the 2 files were the first one that I found. But when I did read the Hadd and JK articles I found much more of that little nuances – that FOR ME (I repeat - for me) that can be in your classification of “rare” (I wouldn´t call that obscure) information or data that you say that my argument would have much more strength.

2)I never used the word “conspiracy” or the idea that word means. Conspiracy that means ther´s a inner/second intention in what you express, and that´s not the case. I simply relate the fact that when I disagree it comes a bunch of idolatrous – let´s say like fanatics – that dislikes them too much my disagreement to what they consider immaculate concepts, or take for granted. And the rubbish post that are frequently.

You ask “…It is a shame that you don't care if others understand your training ideas - why participate in a public forum that discuss running and training?...”

When people like you quit out from posting so early - in the second post reply shall I care for those that stay here simply posting rubbish post and try to made them know my principles ? What´s the interest?

I also post to share ideas and opinions and make friends not simply to made know my training concepts, that despite may use my aggressively I made friends all over the world and a share ideas with lots of coaches all over the world – that´s what I wanted to say in the last part of my post . But since a long ago that I did understood that I can´t express my training ideas in post sites, just discussion and some basic ideas, not training concepts really. In the running activity I act in a multi-level, and one of them is as a coach – and as a coach (just as a coach) I don´t care that LetsRunCom readers don´t understand my training ideas. As I coach I deal directly with identified runners, and my main target goal is the improvement. Of course I try that they understand what and why I advise them to train. I think that my main usefulness is in that area, not in being known in or all over the world or in LetsRunCom.

Finnaly once for all, because you are a physiologist – and I respect that - I want to made you know some of my basic ideas that with so, you may understand me better why I say what I say, and eventually I stop to be ambiguous.

First le me say that despite that´s a I don´t believe in that rats experience. I know that you say that´s valid and with credit for the academic or scientific community, but my main focus as a material for training investigation and human beings not rats. Besides I don´t believe also in VO2 concepts, or training based in, as I don´t believe also in classic anaerobic threshold either.
Besides ther´s no a single opinion among the best physiologists in same basic physiology issues. And I let them discuss, I simply “mind my own business”. For me the physiology is simply a very distant knowledge discipline, that what takes for the training concrete terrain that are doubts more than conclusions. I myself uses a training method that´s based in simplicity. I use SPACE (as seen as distance in perception reality) and TIME (seen as duration in the activity) and the result of product from time and space are PACE. All my training is based in this simple formula, and from there and according each individual talent there are different zones of intensity which the basic ones are race pace; the zones faster than race pace, and the zones in intensity but slower than race pace. With an analysis of that multitude of variants, I define volume, intensity, specific training formats (workouts) with precision and I i´m able to characterise any training that exists, independently from the physiology.

In the hope that I will made you understand a little better my own training principles.

It is truth that Italian, Finland, Spain and Britain or Americans athletes they had been successfully supported by the Physiology a lot. But it is also truth that the Portuguese (years 70 and 80) had a quite similar success and that had not been supported by "thresholds” or that kind of modern ideas and concepts – that we respect – but that are inconclusive - for the good or bad of the physiologists. Most of that Portuguese performances rarely were surpass by a non African.

Actually Africans they take the lead in almost all running distance events. The reason of their larger success that´s not in physiology field for sure, or that his training have more scientific accuracy than the rest of the world. We need to take in consideration that the reason for African supremacy that´s not in the fact that they have a powerful physiology support than us – the non- Africans. That´s not in the fact we have more facilities to train that them, or any other scientific or whatever reason, including that they have best coaches – most of their coaches that train them they are Europeans ! Simply that´s not hard to understand that for the moment the distance is on the fact they run faster than all the rest – run faster means basically to cover a certain distance in less time duration. Once again we get back to the basics – space and time matters.

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