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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Mr txnnvt

I accept you critic and in part i´m happy that you said that i feel aggressive, because my attitude here is not do be kind or not kind, to be gentle or not gently, but just to say what and how i see the running questions - no matter what aggressive may that seems to you or to anyone else. In some aspects you may agree with me that i don´t catch myself in anonymity, or like a coward i run away from the discussion. Then if my ideas that seems to you aggressive, or you disagree find, if that seems correct find, if you hate that, find, my only single judge is my own conscience. But I accept what you say, my expression is very crude and emotional for non-latins, and also crude for some latins.

Now what i don´t understand is that when people ask me a question about a my own idea that are similar quotes like “No examples, Antonio?” or “Show me just one example that both Hadd and JK quote the same, I read that I don´t see nothing” and when later as an act of generosity I bring to the forum that examples and ask the questions (that are their doubts not mine), then people replies with more questions “This doesn´t mean nothing” or as you say now “These two articles are commonly cited, and anyone who has ever taken an exercise physiology course (at least in the US) would have come across them in their studies. As a high level coach, I would expect you to at least recognize the principles presented in these articles, if not cite them from memory”. I know that, I agree with you, but the doubt that´s not that the articles are commonly cited, the original question is that aren´t the same quotes in both articles.

Then what. This will never end. First the forum participants they doubt of that existence, and they say that they never saw that, and when I show them 2 examples, they argue that this means nothing. Wait, this would mean anything just until they (or you) doubt that there are any similar quote, when I prove that they are, now the same argument that you did ask for me when I show the argument that you are asking for it turns against me ? This will never end. This is a fair discussion. When I say an argument asking that the eventual solution will be the prove, and when I prove, you come out with a new argument. Even in a court (when we judge arguments) in theory I have the same means and the same time to use as defence or accusation. This is nothing, this is what turns me on aggressive, i´m alone against all LetsRunCom Forum. This is not fair. I need to use the method that some coaches they use here, when they feel that they have said enough they stop to post about that issue and soon people will forget.

One more detail that you miss the point. Why do you imagine that my interest to post here is that people understand my training ideas ? No that´s not. My interest as a coach that´s simply that my runners they do their best performances.

Happily, some of the coaches from USA and all over the world – a few ones are even top coaches – not them all they don´t share your opinion that you don´t understand my training, because if they ask me questions, and I answer to everybody because according my limitations “I always try my best”, and if they keep asking me more questions, more data, more information, more share of e-mails that´s not by my aggressively or my blue eyes, and if I coach some runners all over the world for friendship with them – some are good, some not so good, but i coach all with my “best” love and passion as long as they wish, that´s the reasons why doubt that only aggressivity and acknowledge comes from me, or they had quit out.

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