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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Racer 1

My case is diffrent. Contrary to what you say ther are few foreigner runners that did visit me in my country - they know me, my family, my friends, a few runers that i coach, they take photos with me, with some top portuguese class runners etc. etc. Ther are still a portuguese runner - that did post in LetsRunCom and sayng that he admires my posts but did knew me yet and 15 days later we did lunch togheter.

Some of the runners that don´t see me yet in my presence, they have other guys that did new me. In Lisbon, if you go to certain places as the Universtitary Stadium - just ask for Cabral, they will tell you who i am and we will meet one each other. Besides i use a real e-mail and if you have interest you can send me a personal e.mail and i will show some my photos that you will know what i am. But if you doubt, and you aks for i will send you my portuguese ID card. If eventually you come to Portugal you also can infeirme me and we will meet each other. I will pay you a lunch. So ther´s no doubt what i am if you want to investigate, that´s easy.

Now who is Hadd ? Anyone saw him alive ? Anyone saw a his own photo? Why he stop to post in here as Hadd ? Don´t you realise that Weldom or no matter who that tells you that Hadd did exist they are simply going on with that fiction ?

As you imagine, i have no present in my mind by memory the Kellogg or/and Hadd articles and also in their posts, but when i did read that i did take lots of similarities in the style, in "their" training concepts, and also in their author quotes. Some references about net articles as Billat -the french female physilogist (this i remember now)
and more and more are equal.

A great portuguese poet - eventually the best all the time - named Fernando Pessoa - i advise you to read - he did crete several "pseudonimous" that means he did buld some person profile - different one from each other - with differnt occupations - lived in different areas, diffreent ages and so - and he did write entire books - signing with that nick names. The texts were so different that only after that he did reveal that Ricardo Reis, Alvaro de Campos (2 of his pseudonimous) that´s when the literary critic did realise that were all done by the same man - Fernando Pessoa. This reminds me Kellogg and Hadd. Anyhow Kellogg creating Hadd did a intersting work, thata ables him to express thir training ideas in a different direction and with different purposes than the Kelogg classic training, and that fictional creation with kellogg a very +olite coach and Hadd a very unpolite guy - well done !.

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