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RE: Charlie Sheen

The Little People wrote:

[quote]GoldenMiles wrote:

[quote]Ted Underhill wrote:

[quote]Liberalism = a mental disorder wrote:

They are in large part responsible for the destruction of the family, and the half-century of skyrocketing divorce, poverty, out of wedlock births, household income inequality, and STD rates that followed.

Really? I thought the conservative narrative was that people's personal situation, or lot, in life was 100% under their own control and that external forces play no role. How, in three posts (two of which were mine), can this turn into a political topic?[/quote]

Ted, to answer your last question, it's because this is LetsRun. Honestly, the fact that EVERY post not having to do with running (and most HAVING to do with running!) gets turned political is a large part of the reason why I don't frequent these boards anymore.

Liberals = a mental disorder is, of course, one of the prime reasons why this board is swamped in politics 24/7.

Anyways, hopefully Charlie didn't spread HIV to anyone else who didn't already have it. As I said earlier, HIV isn't fun, and I don't wish it on anyone.[/quote]

LRC is just a microcosm of the internet. Everything is political on the Internet. What is so weird is that when you actually talk to live human beings, most are pretty cool folks.[/quote]

Yeah, I guess you're right. And yes, people are usually a lot better in person.

Maybe I just notice on LetsRun, because I tend to be more of a liberal than a conservative, and most on this board are clearly conservatives? I don't know....

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