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run now, eat later
RE: Running in the morning on an empty stomach

Juice Springsteen wrote:

I have been running first thing in the morning on an empty stomach regularly for the last several years. I did it up to times a week when I was an NCAA athlete. I usually prefer running at that point in my day as it frees up the rest of the day and I don't get stressed out. I've done runs of 10+ miles, speed workouts, and maybe even 2 hour plus long runs (I can't remember exactly what I ate before every run I've ever done). Normal running wisdom (runnersworld, livestrong, etc.) says that that's fine as long as the run is 30 min or less. My questions are these: Am I doing/have I done my body harm by running on empty during legit training? (70-100 MPW[max]). Am I not getting the maximum benefit out of my training by doing this?

runnersworld, livestrong? Be serious. What does your own experience tell you?

When I was in college, I routinely ran 15+ miles in the morning on an empty stomach. Even now when I run in the morning I do it on a cup of coffee. I do have to fight the buffet urge after, though. Meanwhile, the livestrong crowd is sucking down gu and other synthetic food, and stopping for water every 30 minutes to wash away the fear of dehydration.

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