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former hoya
RE: Georgetown coach Pat Henner resigns (but gets glowing recommendation from AD) - 7 xc meets are cancelled

. t. h. .e . t. r. u. .t. h wrote:

You boys are revealing yourselves to be very far out of your depth.

You cannot simultaneously say "I'm not defending x and then aggressively defend x."

Further, your attempt at making a point was adorable, but unfortunately we do have a lot of information about what went on. The fact that you have an easy time dismissing it and saying it doesn't matter is irrelevant. Further, none of the criticisms require the team to be all-white, that's just an idiotic point.

Your argument is based on a leap in logic. You saw a report of misconduct. you saw the scavenger hunt list. you see Henner resign and all the sanctions. So your 1+1+1= everything on the scavenger hunt list happened is shaky at best. And who in the world would have all of this hearsay thrown at them and NOT vehemently defend themselves and their teammates? If you would not, then you have never been a teammate. Or a good one at least.

Taken from the outside (and believe me, YOU are on the outside of this), it would be easy to see this as a group of animals. However, in my days at the Hilltop, and when I was in charge of putting together a hunt list or test, it was 100% spawned from the inside jokes that came from running hundreds of miles together. This year's group seemed like they went a little overboard with some of the items, but they wrote those items to make themselves laugh and 100% no intent of anyone doing anything.
My freshman year, we were handed a list that involved collecting stuff from teammate's rooms/houses and/or items from around school. Anything we could have gotten in trouble for, probably, but anything that we could have gotten Henner fired for? No. The really big stuff was always done for a laugh. No one has a gun put to their head to do any of this. The sprint and jumps squad would play along, too, but would do their own thing with their own inside jokes. We wanted them to participate with us more than anything, but they would typically blow it off. Because it WASN'T MANDATORY. The worst thing we did was steal the captain's bed and bring it to the drop off point along with a 10 gallon tub of ice cream from the caff and a keg. boom, done, no fondling.

BTW, the "privileged white boy" thing has to stop. The track kids are a hugely diverse group. My workout group was 50/50 white and black. I was middle-class and so were most of my middle distance teammates. We were on the lower end of the economic scale vs the university as a whole. Donald Trump's kid was in a few of my classes if that gives you any insight as to what kind of kid is in the general population.

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