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RE: Georgetown coach Pat Henner resigns (but gets glowing recommendation from AD) - 7 xc meets are cancelled
I highly doubt Henner left on his own accord. This was a public scandal and no matter how lame it may have actually been, someone's head needed to roll if they wanted a chance of recruiting the next few years. That's how "resignations" work in sports, politics, business.

I was in school 10 years ago and this is how we acted. We didn't have a scavenger hunt and videos but it wouldn't be uncommon for me to open my door to find my teammate naked standing there cause he thought it was funny. People in the cafeteria would dare each other to do dumb stuff like once a week. You might go to shower in your dorm and come back to 50 "meatspin" windows had been opened while you were gone. Guys talk about girls they hooked up with, who has a hot mom and joke about dick size. My teammates and my friends not on the team all did stupid stuff like this. We were each other's closest friends and that's what we did. The kids on the team that you weren't close with you wouldn't do this stuff withEvery team I visited on recruiting trips or going to my visit my HS teammates colleges I saw this same doofus behavior. Actually, the track guys were usually more tame than the general population at college.

I wasn't at Georgetown and there may be things that were poor choices but hardly something to need to investigate publicly and cause a great coach to lose his job.

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