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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Renato, it is good to see you are back. doha in Qatar I last heard of when Gebrselassie ran 27:02.

Speaking of the Ethiopians, do you have any among your group? You also seem to have spoken before with Jos Hermens. Have you read recently the book that has arrived about Gebrselassie ("the Greatest").

I think really it is a fntastic book so I will give some examples of the content:

1. His training is of course unbelievable. Jim Dension, the author, gave one example of his track sessions, that he does 3 times per week AT ALTITUDE, in the ground up track at Ethiiopia's stadium, so poor for training that Gebrselassie was injured for Athens with a very bad Achilles and Bekele too had problems, who is young and limber still.

Regardless of the poor surface, he led them through

4 x 1200m 2:55

4 x 800m 1:59 or faster

4 x 400m 55

This at altitude, and later in the day he drove his car high into the mountains in the Entoto forest and ran gain for 2 hours. Now we can see where 12:39.36 and 26:22.75 comes from.

Speaking of Doha, another training right before he broke the WR on the roads: Dr. Woldemeskel watched him do 2 x 5000m on a HILLY road

The first he ran in 13:20

"Doctor" asked him what he would do now that he ran the first so fast and was supposed to do it in progressive fashion. Gebrselassie went and di the second faster (sub-13:20, on a hilly road at altitude unpaced in training aftern already doing one in 13:20). the he was sure about the WR.

2. His pain tolerance. Before Atlanta Gebrselassie went to train on the practice track in Atlanta with spikes to do some faster speed. He returned to the village with a blister which he popped and went to sleep. the next day it was infected so badly he could barely walk. Nevertheless he ran his heats and then the final, "running o fire" as it was called.

Again in Sydney he injured his Achilles tendon right after Seville WC and made the whole year (summer 1999 to summer 2000) injured with a torn up tendon. He injured it so badly in Zurich that after winning in 12:57 he waited until every Kenyan left so they did not see him limp out of the stadium. In sydney he stayed in bed always except to compete. All this and an 11.8 last 100 to win.

Again in Athens the same with an injured Achilles (the other side) but he could not win with Bekele there.

Still a remarkable athlete and a great look at his life and training, really a great person.

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