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RE: Men's Health ranked the fittest men of all time...

Superb_Curves wrote:

As you probably already surmise, Men's Health is not out to conduct science and educate the populace, but out to make money ruthlessly. Advertising; reinforce corporate media and mass culture status quo: muscles, machismo, celebrities,garbage cobtemporary fashion, meat eating, bimbos, sports. Pick up the mag for a quick solution! But Only if the workout sounds manly and fits into magazine page layouts. Try this workout! Insanity! Anarchy! Chaos! Green beret, cross fit, firefighter, actors for ancient Greek hoplite tv or movie shows. Have great sex eat this bla bla. Forget about science and learning. Just reset your brain and bust out the pocketbook and subordinate your attention to the almighty prevailing mass media. Fits in nicely with the yuppie job, social media account, car and apartment.


But somewhat surprisingly, it seems to work for people. I have a good deal of meathead friends who are into this kind of thing. Not close friends, mind you, but guys I know and see rather often: work, socially, etc.

These are guys in their early thirties who got fat in college, lived the fat life for like a decade and then decided to turn it around. Many do XFIT and P90X stuff and they have gotten really fit. So when I used to go to the pool and they would be there, I felt really fit next to their fat asses. Over the past two years or so, they have put on quite a competition.

I am a runner, not one of the XFIT guys who loves to post here. But that crap works.

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