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Steeper Hills
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
I have new respect for Renato's runners after doing one of those "circuits" he posted just an hour ago. The description read as follows:

"Extensive Strength - Resistance Circuits

In this type of Circuit, which we can consider as a ‘Basic General Circuit’, we have the goal of increasing MUSCLE EXTENSIVE RESISTANCE, carrying out exercises at middle intensity connected one another with runs at Aerobic Threshold pace.

We use this type of Circuit during the Preliminary and Fundamental Periods with, of course, some differences depending on the event to improve the capability of working longer using the same percentage of maximum strength.

This Circuit is quite Aerobic and builds up the base of Endurance that later we have to develop into Strength-Endurance.

Extensive Strength - Resistance Circuit
(1500 / 5000m)

(900m uphill, gradient 7-10 %, + 700m flat)

300m fast running uphill (duration 55.0 >< 60.0)
10 squatjumps (duration 15.0 >< 18.0)
60m sprint uphill (duration 10.0 >< 12.0)
20m skipping with strides 50cm long (duration 30.0 >< 40.0)
200m moderate running uphill (duration 45.0 >< 50.0)
20m heels-to-buttocks (duration 30.0 >< 40.0)
300m fast running uphill (duration 55.0 >< 60.0)
20 sagittal - splits (duration 20.0 >< 25.0)
200m moderate running on flat land (duration 45.0 >< 50.0)
30 even hops with blocked knees (duration 20.0 >< 30.0)
500m fast running at 85% of max. speed (duration 1:25 >< 1:40)

Since it was the first time I did it, I used an 800m hill 4 times without the last 700 flat portion.

Remember the description said the circuit was "quite aerobic."

After completing just 4 circuits on an 800m hill (the original is 900 hill, 700 flat) I can say it is the farthest thing from an aerobic circuit I have done in my life.

I was tying up badly like the last straightaway of a 400m by midway through each one, even taking 6-7 minutes of recovery (which did not help).

No more anaerobic circuits in late November for me after this.

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