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RE: Stephanie Hightower tries to bully Law & Legislation Secretary, gets called out by Lionel Leach

mjr wrote:

She is merely the current caretaker. She achieved this position through lies and documented ethical violations. She bulldozes each and every person who attempts to disagree with her. She is incapable or unwilling to do anything that will not benefit her personally. This is not hyperbole or 3rd party information. I have seen it over the last 20 years that I have been involved in USATF. She has ZERO regard for any opinion other than her own and should you differ with that, you will be attacked with total disregard by her and her lackeys. I guess Alan is now one of them, rather than an objective and impartial journalist, like his profession should dictate.

mjr - If you are going to say such things you should try and cite examples. Otherwise you are just smearing her and don't advance the 85% of delegates cause. People talk to me about ethical violations and I asked "Did you file an ethics complaint?" and the answer was "That's a good idea. Maybe I'll do that?"

The entire Board argumen is essentially "we're smarter than you", "you all didn't know what you were voting on" is extremely condescending. I think there are reasons only 15% of the membership voted for Stephanie but it is better to cite examples instead of just smearing her with innuendo. That's what I told both sides. Happens in politics too. Bush can't be a bad president, he has to be a draft dodging, idiot. Obama can't be a bad president, he has to be a Kenyan born, communist.

As for Alan his background is with the Olympic movement. He likes the reforms the USOC has made. So he is going to see things from that lense. USATF has reformed it's Board- great. And not see how dissatisfied many of the rank and file are.

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