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RE: Stephanie Hightower tries to bully Law & Legislation Secretary, gets called out by Lionel Leach

polevaultpower wrote:

And here is Stephanie's email again, in case the advertisement appears in the first post while you are viewing and messes up the formatting:

Letter from President Hightower

March 6, 2015
Via Email
Mr. Tim Baker
429 N Street SW, Apt S805
Washington, DC 20024

Dear Tim:

You have a long history of contributions to USATF, and I appreciate your active engagement in USATF committee efforts in particular. I write today because your activities at the 2015 USATF Annual Meeting in Anaheim were cause for concern, particularly given your position and role in USATF.
As you know, USATF is experiencing tremendous growth, and this is an exciting time in the history of our organization. Along with this growth comes change. These changes are extremely positive, particularly our growth in revenue. Some changes are uncomfortable for some, but they are part of our evolution and necessary to move us forward.

Those of us who are constituent leaders must take care to engage in productive debate. But in the end, we must ultimately unite in the shared goal of improving and growing the sport.

During the Annual Meeting, in your public statements and committee activity, you were very outspoken and critical of decisions made by the board and committees, and critical of the overall direction of USATF. These statements were not part of constructive debate, they were destructive statements seemingly made with the intent of undermining the direction of the organization.

Tim, you have long been one of the leaders of the law & legislation committee, but you need to understand that this type of behavior is counter-productive to our mutual goals and is not conducive to the overall success of USATF. The members of the law & legislation committee are critical to ensuring the organization’s governance structure is best suited to help the USATF achieve success. You are my appointee on my committee, but your statements and activities seem to indicate that your commitment to advancing mutual organizational goals may be waning.
If you would like to continue as my appointee, please call me so we can discuss.

Stephanie Hightower Stephanie Hightower
USATF President

cc (via email only): Jim Murphy, USATF L&L Chair

I need to ask you, Polevaultpower, what do you do to forward the sport? All you seem to do on Twitter and LetsRun is constantly complain about everything. Honestly, it's people like you, Becca, that are horrible for the growth of the sport. You serve no purpose.

Passing on Lionel's letter like it is a good thing fits right in your wheelhouse. No one should be surprised it was you starting the drama. Whether you like Stephanie or not, there is no place for a letter like Lionel wrote. Makes me wonder what the root of your issue w USAT&F really is.

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