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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
A 32 minute runner could benefit from following the principles of a 27-28 minute 10k runner but doing the same workouts as the faster runner is often a mistake of severe proportion. If one is realistic, one can tame the workouts but still use the principles.

For example, if Renato says that his Kenyan 2:06:30 (3:00 per kilometer) marathoners are running 35 km every week, you have to understand that his men do their long runs in less than 2 hours, generally. If you are a 2:48:45 (4:00 per kilometer) marathoner and you try to run 35 km every week too, you are probably going to beat-up your legs badly because you are taking several thousand more steps and run 40 minutes or more to cover the same distance at the same intensity. However, if you apply Renato's principle of developing aerobic endurance by using long runs, then you will sensibly build up to the same duration (roughly 2 hours) as his marathoner but cover less distance. You will have an appropriate stimulus for improvement, therefore, and avoid overtraining.

If Renato says his elite runners do 6 hill circuits, it is not advisable to run the same amount of hill circuits unless you are of equal fitness and skill. Perhaps 3-4 ciruits would be the optimal stimulus for you. The principle is the same while the workload is different. That is the point of being realistic. We all want to be Olympic champions but we all can't do the same workouts as Olympic champions, unless we want to end up in the hospital under the surgeons knife a lot.

I hope you take this as an attempt to clarify my point rather than being an argumentative discourse. I respect your thoughts too. I just want people to recognize that all runners are different but they can utilize good principles to develop their abilities to the fullest. Best of luck and success to you! Sincerely, Tinman

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