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RE: This Isn't Kenya: Maryland Parents Investigated by CPS for Letting 10 and 6 Year Olds Walk Home One Mile from School

Pointing Out the Obvious wrote:

[quote]PTO wrote:

[quote]Pointing Out the Obvious wrote:

[quote]PTO wrote:

[quote]Pointing Out the Obvious wrote:

[quote]PTO wrote:

Would never let a 6 year old walk that far with only a 10 year old.. in fact I really wouldn't want my 10 year old walking alone.
Different world now a day's from when I was growing up.
It only takes that one time to ruin your world.
Kids can stay active in sports program's at school or with there parents.

This is where you are wrong. Unless of course you mean that it is now a safer world than when you were growing up.

You, like most folks, are being played like a cheap instrument by the media. Life in most parts of the US is safer now than ever. But the media (who have nothing to talk about without scandals and horror stories) have you and your ilk believing in the bogeyman.[/quote]

This is where I am right "it only takes one accident to ruin your life and your child's "
No it's the same world as when I was growing up there were freaks then and still are.
If you have a daughter and you don't worry about a bogeyman then you are just fkn stupid.
Being played hahaha- No it's called being safe.[/quote]

Nope. Wrong again. You are being played. And you have been founding wanting.

Here's a little hint for you - there is no way to be "safe". Bubble wrap them all you want but you will NEVER be able to keep them safe.

All you can do is make reasonable tradeoffs between risks and rewards. And you my little friend are grotesquely miscalculating the risks of the stranger abduction bogeyman. Your little daughter is VASTLY more likely to be preyed upon by a friend, teacher, counselor, priest, coach or relative. Keeping her away from all those, are you?

Sorry, but you simply don't have the cranial capacity to filter out the noise from the signal where it comes to what you see and hear in 'the news'. As such, you are incapable of making rational decisions. No offense of course. Just the facts.[/quote]

Here's a fact captain obvious I have already raised my two kids one is 30 and one is 28 both doing great. I often take my grandkids on weekend's and stick to the same rules we always followed.
Do you even have kids or are you just some over smart jerk-off that thinks the world is beautiful place.
I live in the city not some oz land were you think its safe for young kids to walk to the streets.
I am glad CPS is around look for a show called Shameless on Showtime that shit is real maybe not in your perfect world but I see it.
Good luck to you raising kids its harder than any race I ever ran. I won !!![/quote]

Hey, you raised kids! Good for you! Now let me see if I can find that medal that you so deserve.

Guess what little brainless one, that puts you in pretty exclusive company. There are only about 200 million parents in the US. I happen to have more kids than you. I guess that makes me more of an expert (and probably a hero) than you.

And guess what else? I didn't raise them to be afraid of the bogeyman that the media has taught us all about.

Now, did you keep yours away from all friends, relatives, teachers and coaches? Because if you didn't then you ought to be ashamed of yourself exposing them to such risk factors (vastly greater than that stranger bogeyman)![/quote]

Right you have 3kids between 4and 9and you have nothing to do but post on a running page.
Must be some quality time you spend with them kids in between your 2:20 marathon training.
Guess I got trolled.

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