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RE: Most dissapointing things you hear runners say

finland represent wrote:

[quote]Hitmonlee wrote:

For me it's, "I don't want to lift weights too often because I'll put on muscle which will slow me down" Unless you run the marathon or are already elite you could probably use any muscle mass you can maintain while running high mileage... Even in the marathon heavy squats are shown to help by improving economy.

I put on muscle mass very easily and I think it actually does hurt my running economy. I think I may be a natural rock climber/weightlifter as strength to weight ratio seems to my strongest attribute, and I can do 20 pullups untrained. I have a very lean build, but for example I can put on 5 pounds of muscle in a week just by doing some push ups and pull ups once a day. Should I really be lifting weights? Any advice would be much appreciated.[/quote]

It's hard to tell who is serious on LRC, but Finns are known for having muscular legs. It used to be seen as an advantage when they were medaling in the Olympics! Definitely keep working on pullups and pushups. You might put on 5 lb in a week, but once you start doing more reps you'll be targeting slower twitching (smaller) fibers. Another tip- You're training for upper body endurance, not explosiveness so do pushups and pullups on consecutive days. Your muscles only grow while you rest so keep working them.

As for weights, well you might not need them if you do other strength work and run enough hills. But I would suggest that you do lift sticking to low reps, and the strength you gain will more than offset any size. Something like 5x5 deadlifts, squats and bench all in one workout. Alternate bench with overhead press to keep from getting an unbalanced upper body. If you have access to a rowing machine use that after lifting. If not run after you lift. Or both, row then run.

Furthermore, if you really put on muscle that quickly, you probably also recover from runs quickly, so run long and run often! If for some reason you can't you could also cycle to keep slim.

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