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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Renato (or Mike since Renato is not here right now, or anyone else who knows):

I have a few questions after reading all that material from Renato:

1. Of all the schedules I have seen Renato post (Shaheen's, portions of Kemboi's and Kwalia's, Rop's, etc.) I have never seen any inclusion of the circuit work Renato spoke about. Where in these schedules is this present? For example, did Shaheen use it and if so where is it present in all those schedules Renato e-mailed?

2. About some of the exercises in the circuits:

Can someone explain what a sagittal split is?

"even hops with blocked knees"? (hill hops?)

Squat jumps? (Are they simply squatting until the knee is 90 degrees and jumping as high as possible?)

3. In reference to the Specific Strength: Endurance Circuits Renato said: "Being a very hard training we can use it only few times during the final part of the Special Period and during the period of main competitions. "

Specifically, how many time per season would these be used and how often are the other circuits used? Personally that one very intense circuit looked deathly; each tough part was only followed by another 300m sprint uphill!

4. Some of the lengths of some of those hills as well as the recoveries between circuits seem impractical.

I live in an area with many very steep, long hills and even I would have to drive 50-100 miles to find any hill of more than a mile in length.

Also, the first resistance circuit gives 900m uphill and then 700m on the flat. The recovery given is only 5-6'. Is the athlete expected, after completing a very difficult circuit, to pound out a mile in 5:00 DOWN a steep asphalt hill for 900m of that mile?

Thanks for anyone who can help with these questions.

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