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Frank Evertsen
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
It is important to separate lactate values obtained during race and during regular exercise.

It is possible to run 60 min with blood lactate values of 6 mmol. Most of this lactate is build up during the first minutes of the race. You have to remember that you in a race, start from zero and increase your running speed to race pace, or even faster, quite rapid during the fist sec of the race. Your body have to use the anaerobic energy system to cover the energy demand during this phase.

The lactate prodused in the muscle are transported from the muscles to the blood, and since the race speed is at, or above the lactate threshold, the lactate will remain high when you continue in a race pace that is at or above lactate threshold. This because the elimination and production of lactate is almost identical rest of the 21 race.

In the first second of the start your pH will decrease, but this will not make problems for you as long as you are not running to fast to long in the start of race. The H+ ions will be buffered (normalize the pH), while the lactate concentration will remain relative high since it will not be eliminated faster than it is prodused as long as you run at og above lactate threshold. If you continue to run to long, and considerable above your lactate threshold, then you will get problems with low pH, and you have to reduce your speed.

In Kenya, most of the enduranse runs starts relatively slow before they graduelly increase the speed up to the exercise intensity they want to achieve. However, the lactate concentrations during speed work is relatively high due to higher speed.

Thus, it is important to separate these to type of exercise from each other, especially if you want to compare lactate values.

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