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Shawn H
RE: Disney Movie about Cross Country

cbenson4 wrote:

[quote]cbenson4 wrote:

You don't need to know the rules of XC in order to write knowledgeable books about running in general.

It's preferred that you have knowledge of the fundamentals of XC scoring, but it's not necessary that you know the intricate details. If you have a good method to make people run faster, you can write a decent running book.

Now I've never read Shawn's books and I don't even know his views on running, so I can't comment on the merit of his writing.[/quote]

Thanks, cbenson4. No, I didn't know about the "pushing" of the 6th and 7th runners. I ran three cross country season--two in high school and one on a college scholarship--and it simply never came up. There was never a meet I was in that was scored like that. You know, it IS possible to be a runner for 36 years and still not know everything about everything. I bet there are a great many very knowledgable runners who don't know all the obscure details or rules. When you run, you run, you're not a race official. Same thing in football. I've been a big NFL fan since I was 7 years old, but I wouldn't say I know every rule. That's why there are officials. But this is LRC, and envy, spite, and false bravado abound here behind anonymous names. At least I have the guts to post under my own name. As for the book, let it stand on its own merits because it does quite well. Read it, fans and harsh critics alike, and I think you'll see its obvious merits. Anyway, thanks again.

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