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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Thanks for you kindness. I would like to be like you, but i´m not so polite as you are.

But I would prefer that you would be offensive to me but that you will tell us the reason you think why you did fail in Athens.

Just to clarify facts and opinions and ideas.

That´s not a my own personal opinion that what you did in Athens a disappoint v result.. That´s you that said that.

As i also didn´t invented that you are a "peak expert" or a "tactic expert". Go on to the arquives and to Marius site posts and comments and i guarantee you that you will read that 2 ideas from Marius himself.

Just a recent example. Go to Marius archives and read that.,933,

But I don´t see no justification for your Athens failure.

But one thing I know – that you are very reluctant to admit the personal reasons why you fail when you fail and that would be a very positive for yourself and will turn you on to be more ambitious in the future.

In that Athens “long way road” - as usual you want to make pass the idea that you didn´t nothing wrong everything went perfect in the planification – and that you get out the possibility that anything went wrong. You are always reluctant that anything went wrong in your plan or in AT or competitive schedule or anything else.

So that´s bad luck what you get in all big games ! I hope that bad luck changes for good luck, but I guess there are inner logic reasons for your failure – that you don´t know or that you don´t want to reveal and that will be absurd to keep on going that all is quite perfect.

Marius, a runner must be humble but at the same time must be ambitious to win and also self critic from their results and if self coached critic from his training. This is the attitude that will made you a true champion, from the 4th class world category that you think you are now (with all respect) to the move up to higher classes that you are able to take that. But you need to win…that magic word for the runners.

My best wishes.

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