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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

marius wrote:

Problem is with LT training -when you want it to be really, really potent ; it takes precision ALL THE TIME, it makes the winter training much more boring than with the faster stuff and you got to be very, very patient. The major lift comes when you manage to develop the AT base from the winter into running aerobic at a lactate level where most people run on their anaerobic system (metabolism) in the summer (keeping the triggered fat metabolism, higher concentration of enzymes 5-HAD, Citrate Synthase from the winter etc) This in a real key ; the AT training is only a component needed to develope the high end "aerobic" system.



I´m confined to comment your race results - that results are are public information and you can´t turn that so secretive as you do with your trainibg schedule, and as result of your secretism all your training considerations are a of bla..bla..bla...because since we don´t have acess to the sources all your training considerations as the ones you made above turn on to the thoery field.

Thus, commenting this one your season by the resulsts, i refuse to admit that you think that you did train in the right direction. How can such a failure be considered positive ? You did start the season working progressively and did good 5000m performances up to 13:06 PB early in the season. But you also did define as 2004 peak target season the olympics. Often you claim that your training that´s agoal that´s - peak season. Since that i read your site that your pay a great concern with the peak season You considfer yourself a peak "master" - someone that trains mainly with consideration to be in peak shpe condition in the right moment - that don´t compete too much, do very often and systematic and accurate tests to control and manage your shape along the season.

What i saw in my TV in the Olympics ? You were the 6th all time PB and the 2nd season PB from all the runners that did enter in your 2nd heat in the olympics that you try to qualified for the final.

What it happens there ? You end in 12th place with an obscure and anonimous 13:36:32 that for a 13:06 means that i expect that you will be able to do that 13:36 almost in AT pace in a somewhere sea-level workout. But you did that in the olympics, not in a your hard workout.
For me with all respect it was quite "pathetic" to see you try to lead and push the pace near the 2600m and less than one lap ahed in a slower heat up to that point - the 3000m split were 8:10:11 - you did strive hardly to keep o the pack to fall down in a obscure 12th place loosing contact withy the leaders. What a desilusion - at leat for me !
That´s when i undrestood that it must something really wrong, that´s not just a bad day. Most of your big competitions are like that - poor results. that´s when i undrestood that you will never get your targets - to do good in continental games, and since i don´t remember what are your wins in big competitions you are just a chrono runner, and a regular looser.

If that´s me or a my runner, I will be in shame, what a poor performance, in Athens you gave the idea that you would never made that qualifying. That also made me ask what did happen ? Is the training wrong ? But you always claim that AT bla...bla...bla...: So if that´s not training that´s a wrongrace strategy wrong ? But you also claims that you are also a race "tactic" expert that in some occasions you did advise some runners how to win strategic races. So, if that´s not the race and that´s not the run startegy what´s that poor performances ? Lack of talent. No You did 13:06 early in the season. A bad day, that heat or humidity enables you to run at your capacity. But, don´t you did ppay lots of attention to special hats and weather adaptation. So, what shall be?

One more aspect made me to think about what´s the interest to believe that you training properly - is that it seems that you move on without a serious analysis of your failure, that you may claim that your training is good that no one belives in that - at leat i don´t, how can a good train give so poor results in terms of peaking ?

I advise you sincerly to do a deep analysis of your regualar failures if you want to turn on a better runner or you will fall down dramatically in what i consider 4th world category, a runner that will be remembered a a mere statistic name and a figure.

But if - as usual - you think that you are right and i´m wrong, keep on going in your trainig beliefs, AT and all that stuff. I will be here to see the results - the real prove of training concepts.

PS - If i would a your competer i would say "go on Marius, congratulations" so wrongly i think that your training are and would try to made you believe that you are in the right direction i would contribute that you would loose for me.

PS2 - For a guy that refuses systematically to show his own schedule, that big surprise for me that you come to a different site than your own to made us know that you have a copy of the Coe training schedule "hand-made" and you are at our disposition to let us know Coe training diary. You are at our disposition to call directly to Coe or coe´s father. What a want to made public Coe schedule this time without the affraid that average runners did copy Coe schedule with the wrong consequences that it will be if people copies your own schedules and your workouts.

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