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Butt Man
RE: Justin Gatlin is part of the reason why track and field is a joke now

0.25c wrote:

So you believe that Bolt is clean or it's ok to dope as long as you don't get caught?

First of all you are taking Bolt's statement out of context. Bolt being the fastest all time has nothing to do with his form this season. Bolt said he can't beat gatlin THIS YEAR! Not because gatlin is running too fast but because Bolt is not in his usual top form. The issue here is Bolts form not Gatlin's!

Bolt has taken a lot of money from athletes.. No matter how much Bolt has done for track it has not benefitted the other athletes financially! Now we have 10.0 kids out of college who are struggling to get a contract because the WR is now 9.58. It really bothers me that people truly believe that Blake, Gay, Gatlin etc are doped but Bolt is doing his crap clean. 19.75 to 19.30 to 19.19 lmao so if Alonso Edward runs 19.36 next year what would you say? Oh wait he ran 19.81 as a teen so that's fine he's "talented" lol!!... Blake is the worst thing to ever happen to Bolt's legitimacy not because of his failed test but because he ran 19.26! There is clearly a drug that causes such great times cuz regular dope won't make u run 19.2/9.69 unless u agree that blake is a great talent?

Well, yeah, butt...

Sure Bolt is NOT clean but it seems a tad problematic to ban him without any failed drug tests. What are we going to do, just say "I believe you're a doper so you are banned because of my belief. Somehow that seems problematic on so many levels.

And getting back to the OP's, "Justin Gatlin is part of the reason why track and field is a joke now" - Yes, I think that is true. To followers of the sport, Bolt is a cheater. To the general public he is just Superman. On the other hand, to the general public Gatlin is KNOWN to be a drug cheat and is winning all the big meets. That makes the sport into something of a laughingstock.

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