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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
We were discussion what are the best training, if the El Guerrouj or if that´s Sebastian Coe or Mr. X.

When Rui Lopes did change for what´s a considered "poor schedule" an average training schedule profile, to a "rich on" - in a top class standard - lots of volume, lots of doubles, lots of intensity "magic" workouts - that didn´t work at all. Just to remember you that i´m not against mileage, or intensity or LT or everything else, but a few times if you aren´t in that category that´s like Peter´s principle. You did reach your limits, verey new extra load have no effect or the opposite effect. Thus a few tims less is optimal and more is wrong. It depends of the trinomium - individual, training, talent.

If you had the knowledge you have today what would you have changed in his training?

I couldn´t change nothing because the runner run away for better training facilities and a better contract. I have a friend that´s a master in Physical Education that did his own thesis about this case. He did get the conclusion that after he stay away from me it was mistake to push him too hard too soon with 22-24 years old. He would need to wait until 27-28 years old and then he will get Lopes and Mamede records - but who is able to be patient and to wait so long?
Only a Carlos Lopes.

<<<..while training LT runs very frequently you reach your top too early to soon, but after that ther´s the risk that your progression ends there, after a couple of seasons"

<< say Alberto C trains between 2.57-3.12, never slower than 3.15. That's LT-trainng, why is he doing it if it's BAD? I don't understand.......>>

Ok, i thanks this question.

Now, look... Alberto did start that training with 29 years old just after we decide to move his career with the the marathon event as the target goal, after ten years of maturation in shorter run distances events.

We taught "That´s now or never - let´s take the risk, afyter the 30´s ther´s no return". Ther´s no look back, ther´s no more time to wait for base building. And besides Lt training is quite the "Race Pace" specifics for the marathon. But this have also a justification in Alberto physical characteristics. He hates to train slowly, he recover so well that he doesn´t need easy receover runs. We don´t consider to train slower than slower 3:15 a training session.

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