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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

You did choose very poor examples to follow his own training method. But perfect for what I want to express.

From that Morocco group, the only that really did a sustain succeed and did progress trough the years that´s El Guerrouj. All the rest they did a quickly boom, that followed by a tremendous unsucess considereing the individual class they did reach. One more time, in my opinion, Kada morocco training that´s a good example of an very elitist training method – that´s how to train El Guerrouj and how to put in misery all the rest that don´t have El Guerrouj class. An elitist training method that´s as a natural selection, those who are able to resist they get the top, but those who don´t they end in misery.

If you follow the career of Khalid Skah, that´s a perfect example of what I want to say.
They start to train in that morocco training, using lots and lots of LT runs 5-6 times a week.

Look, what happens? After being 2 W Cross C wins, and good performances in the World and Olymoic games – all in a 2-3 years period – with 26 years old he did his 10000m PB. What was his progression after that in quite a decade training and competing. A shadow of their golden years. By doing a very elitist training that includes lots of Lt runs in that 2:50-3:10 pace he reach the top very quickly but as soon as he get the top, soon he comes down. That´s what I said about most the runners that do that LT training diet. In 2-3 years they get the top – PB´s etc, but they hardly have a decisive improvement after that. They get their limits early.

Another singular case with the same conclusion that´s Salah Hissou. After get 10000m WR in 1996 with 24 years old and few wins in big meetings, and one or 2 good classifications in WCC he eclipses completely in the next years, he have never been the same top runner he was before. What a fall. But he still keeps on trying year after year, season after season. In a last appearance he did last olympic marathon with no success. 8 years after his best season !

I could go further. But just to remember another singular case of that Magrebe group.
Mouhamed Mourith. He did 2 cross country wins, 2 European records (under Belgium nationality), but soon he did a EPO positive test.

I would not advise you to follow Kada training or morocco training – only if you are a superman. All of you – you may understand your own limitations and follow a realistic training model that fits in you.

By the way. I have also in my hands not just a copy of the Rui Silva daily schedules but also Harald Norport training schedules that his coach send me once. Rui Silva he is a 1:44/3:30/13:19. Norporth he did 3:36 (indoor ER) and 13:20 in the 70s. Harald Norporth he did train no more 10-15km a day – mainly easy runs, no double sessions, a rest day every week or 10 days. His specific workouts usually that aren´t very intense.Ex: 3X10X200m/35.5+34.5+31.7 (int. 100m jog) or 5X2000m/7:30 + 4X500m in 76/74/73/71secs).
Norporth did a job apart from running, he wasn´t a full professional runner. He did an half of the volume and intensity of what Rui Silva does. So that´s not a surprise seeing people doing 3:30 or 13:10 being full time professional runners, doing altitude stays, training more than 100 miles a week,”vVO2 workouts”, “weight training”5-6 Lt runs a week, all that tremendous stuff. I would expect that super-train runners would do sub 3.30 or sub 13:00 frequently.

I remember that more than 2 decades ago a few Portuguese runner´s that did sub 14:00 with little training and not very hard. One of them I did train personally, he did 13:36 with a full job out of athletics, a training that did consists of 45min every day, more 1 competition every weekend and 1 day off every week. I remember that Carlos Lopes he did 13:32 and 28:08 in a career moment that he did train just once a week. NO altitude training, no special diet, nothing. Eventually you know other similar examples – runners that their margin of progress are not yet limited.

For me the point is not that Sebastian Coe he did 1:41:73, but that he never did more than 14:00 following Peter Coe´s training method. You may argue that he never did 5000m with serious intentions, but with that training stuff he may have the obligation to do 13:40 in a workout training.

I know enough of Rui Silva talent and limitations as well to say that the day that Rui Silva would try to train à la El Guerrouj “2:50 to 3:10 LT runs” he would never be able to get no more olympic medals neither olympic finals or indoor champ. medals and besides I don´t know so well the other schedules and individual talent and the limitations thus the “potential” performance, but i guess that the reason of their target failures is because they train more, harder, and frequently than they should.

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