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In the PDX
RE: Jenn Suhr injured in vaulting accident

runnerdnerd wrote:

[quote]In the PDX wrote:

She failed to jump off the ground enough on her take-off. A big no-no when jumping on poles below your weight rating. You could tell the pole was too small given that she was holding low on it and on a short run. A pole that breaks in half like that, 9 times out of 10 its the fault of the athlete due to poor technique. The problems get magnified the softer the poles are.

I don't think that was the problem. Freeze frame on her takeoff. She is about a foot under. She does a good job of pressing hard to try to save a jump that is way under, but when your style is to be under and press, the margin of error is quite slim.

My take is that she is always on the edge of breaking a pole due to her style of vaulting. This is fine until she ends up a little under and presses hard with the lower arm and over bends the pole.

This makes sense too when you notice the pole doesn't break until she is inverted. Normally poles don't break that late in the jump. Also where she lands also indicates this. She is very close to the box. Normally when you break a pole you will be farther up on the pads.

I think it looks like she didn't jump off the ground well enough because of the fact that she was under. This caused the pole to sink hard at the plant, moving her hips forward at the plant and allowing her center of mass to start to sink towards the box when it should have been traveling upwards.

Anyway, she didn't really do anything wrong. No matter what your style of vaulting, you are going to have some bad jumps.[/quote]

I can't dispute her style because I've never analyzed it outside of this one video.

My experience with pole breaks is its the athletes fault due to poor technique when the pole snaps in 2 pieces, if it breaks into more than 2, there is a defect in the pole, either from manufacturing or a gash or cut that affected the integrity of the pole.

Having broken 2 poles myself, both were into 2 pieces, one the result of not jumping off the ground (resulted in partially torn hand ligament), the other the result of gripping so low on the pole and forcing it to bend where it was not designed to and it gave under the strain (no injury, just a back flip into the pit off the momentum. I routinely jump on poles 20-30 lbs under my weight and never broke one of those. Strangely enough both broken poles were rated (or psudo-rated) above my weight.

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