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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Racer1 wrote:

[quote]Sir Lance-alot wrote:
So no matter what JK or others say (JK of the school of thought that there is ONLY ONE WAY to reach the top), there are actually different ways that suit different athletes....But in the end, please do not try and re-write history.

I might suggest you heed your own advice abot rewriting history, considering your "facts" about JK's approach are dead wrong.[/quote]

"dead wrong" about JK, huh?? How about this quote from JK then:
"A runner ABSOLUTELY must obtain the ability to train at 120-150 (or more) miles per week by the peak of the career in order to reach fruition. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this." what did I say that was "dead wrong" about JK? Oh yeah, that he was from the school of thought that there was "ONLY ONE WAY to reach the top." Does he or does he not state unequivocally there there are NO EXCEPTIONS to his training concept on volume???? And don't use his "obtain the ability" line to defend him as open to other ideas, because frankly, what the HELL does "obtain the ability" to run certain mileage mean??? If one runs 80 miles a week and runs brilliantly, and is not burned out, does that mean that one "obtained the ability to run 120-150 miles a week" ??? Who knows. But his point is clear: there is ONLY one way to running success....HIS way. And he further stresses this point in his arrogant parable found here:

The whole thing is attempt at a zen-like story of finding the "one true path" up the mountain. If you don't follow the JK path, you are cheating youself, are a lazy short-cutter, or maybe taking drugs. JK is one of the enlightened few of (found his Buddha nature) of distance running, everyone else is chasing a false enlightenment. Tell that to the 100's and 100's of runners who achieved greatness following DIFFERENT paths then the one JK preaches. That is the WHOLE point of this Seb Coe debate, and contrary to you opinion, it is an important one: there are MANY paths to the top of the mountain, just as (to keep with JK's analogy), there are MANY paths to enlightenment.

I leave you with some JK zen-like insights on the ONE true way-

"It's strange how there was only that one spot and only the one main route that led there."
"There remains only one genuine, virtuous path to the top. Many of this generation cling at all costs to the belief that there is another way, one which satisfies their love of a quick fix. There is not."

(and again, he is NOT just talking about cheaters, he is talking about runners who cheat themselves by not follwing the volume training HE believes in. Unfortunately for him, 1000's of runners have proven him wrong)

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