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Sir Lance-alot
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Oh we go AGAIN!

Trackhead, your OPINION that Coe ran much more than the 50-65 miles per week that he, his Dad, and Frank Horwill usually claim is just that: YOUR OPINION. Sure, you've talked to many experts about this......whatever. It still in NO way proves that he did 85-100 mile weeks ( you used to argue 90+....I can find those quotes if you like).

Even RENATO once on this board argued that the Coe base mileage weeks of around 60 likely was not a lie. He explained that he saw Coe, late in his career, train for several days. He said he trained extremely hard, and had occasional high mileage days, BUT.....also said that Coe would follow up the long days with short speed days, AND GYM days (strength training, plyos, etc) in which there was 0 miles run. It was a hard workout, but NOT a running workout. In short, his weekly total (from what Renato saw, if it was a typical week), could be right around 60. I wrong about that????

Also, as you must remember, we did this exercise in the past: we took some of Seb's sample training weeks from his Dad's book and added up the miles. YES....there was ONE week that seemed quite a bit off. Of course that is what people remember ( you remember what you WANT to remember). BUT.....the OTHER weeks added up damn close to the total miles listed for that week, EVEN WHEN ADDING IN SOME EXTRA WARM-UP/WARM DOWN miles. In short, the #'s mostly tied out.

And, the fact that several other great middle distance runners such as Krummenacker, Lagat, Padilla, Spivey (just a few off the top of my head) have REGULARLY claimed that they averaged ALSO in the range of 60 miles per week(OR LESS) most of the year.......THEN WHY IS IT SO IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE THAT SEB(who often focused on the 800) DID THE SAME?????????? BECAUSE PETER SNELL TOLD YOU SO???? Please. Peter Snell is the only one more invested in the "Lydiard was God" mentality than the American LetsRun posters here who Antonio is trying to give a little history lesson to and a WORLD perspective to.

So although I know you would tell Seb Coe to his face that he ran 85-100 miles a week, NO MATTER WHAT HE HIMSELF TOLD YOU, I think you should give it a rest on this subject.

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