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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Racer 1

That´s really hard to discuss with with. You try to pass WRONG FACTS systematically just to support your own idea.

Where did i use the word "unimportant" to classify Lydiard training? I did use "over emphasis in America". And relate to the world influence among top class runners (from the past and the present) THAT´S A FACT. I know in what training method most of th top class runners they did train and they do train. If you want to do a list of the top 1000 in ever ranking distance event - i know more than 90% in what training system they train.
As i never taugh in "patriotism" that´s a your own owrd responsabilty, not mine. I said "american hipnotisation" but i may say "america seduction". To you have any doubt that actually America civilisation do have a "seductional" effect over the other? I don´t´. From that idea to "patriotism"...

Just to mention one from the past: Frank Shorter training HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH LYDIARD: zero, null.

David Krummenaker have nothing to do with Lydiard.

I have in front of me a Frank Shorter interview in Runners World and Frank Shorter book. He says that his training have nothing to do with Lydiard. He justifies: i don´´t use periodisation; i do intervals all year round 3 times a week, i do some hills (but if you read that´s not typical Lydiard hill training) That´s not the simple fact that someone else do mileage training - 100 miles a week or more that you can consider that he trains in the Lydiard method, as that´s not by the fact thet someone do hills or that someone uses weekeend long runs - that you can consider that he trains in the Lydiard method.

My marathon runners and also others they do more than 100 miles a week - but my training method that have nothing to do with Lydiard. Nothing at all. And i also use hills, and i also used Long runs in weekends (but not for 800m-1500m runners).

I also have a runner that did win over Tergat in the Olympics! But he doesn´t train in the Lydiard method. Stefan. Baldini he did win over Tergat, Meb but as far as i know he doesn´t train in the Lydiard method.

What´s is curious is that you contest that all around the Lyidiard influence is lesser than in America, but all the names you mention are american runners !

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