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RE: How do you feel at 35, 45, 55, 65???? Getting slower inevitable????

imarunr wrote:

How do I feel? Fine, thanks for asking.

I'm about to turn 56 in October. I've been running for 34 years and ran almost all my lifetime PRs between the ages of 39-41 (16:04 5k, 1:14 HM, 2:43 MAR).

Today, I ran a road 5k in 19:25. Interestingly enough, that age grades to a 16:18, so at least I'm still in the ballpark of my PRs.

I still do my usual 45-55 miles per week on six days of running, with harder workouts on Tuesdays & Fridays, and a longish run on Sundays. Most of the guys I run with are way younger than I am, so it's getting tougher to stay with them on these runs.

I've been lucky enough to remain injury-free most of my running career, although I'm definitely feeling tighter and stiffer these days. It takes a while to get everything loosened up and working after getting out of bed in the morning!

I can no longer jump right into seven-minute pace on runs. The first few miles are slower as I ease into the overall average pace.

Even though I still do my normal weekly training routine, it's all for the social/fun/laughs aspect. Since my PR days are long in the past, I rarely race anymore, and get more satisfaction from pacing friends in races these days.

That's about me in a nutshell. I'll keep going as long as I can!

My age-graded times are pretty close to my PRs. I don't do the same mileage that I did when I was young (under 35), now 56. My mile time is 8 sec slower than my absolute pr, and my 5k is off by 1:14...but I'm doing only 11 mpw, as opposed to 47 in my prime.

Apparently, I do not need to run as much mileage to be close to my PRs in my old age. If I try to increase the mileage...the knees and back start complaining.

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