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RE: How do you feel at 35, 45, 55, 65???? Getting slower inevitable????

Kgpremed12 wrote:

Im just wondering how people feel at these ages and how their priorities and perspectives change as they get older?

Im 26 now, and I feel my body is starting to age. I try to exercise everyday to keep myself in shape. I need longer to recover from hard workouts, I need to stretch more, warm ups take longer, injuries take longer to heal, it sucks. when I was 21, I could just get up and go. I hope it doesnt get much worse.

Oh, it will get worse..MUCH worse.

I felt my first "calf heart attack" at age 29. I started running though at age 8, so earlier than most...junior Olympics, the whole deal early on.

By age 37, I had had several years where I would train for 3 months, just start to feel like I was in shape and capable of much more only to have one or the other calf shelve me for 2 weeks again, and then I'd start over. About then is when I turned into a run 2-4 times a week person and started doing Power 90 workouts.

Now, at age 47, I have other lower-body issues...the inside of my left knee is horribly painful today after I ran three days in a row for the first time in months. Super short runs too 1 mile, 1.5 miles, 1.5 miles. AND, I ran those runs 3 weeks ago; super sore when I first get up from sitting for a while. Had the same issue after ONE short run in September and had to take 4 MONTHS off before the pain went away, so I don't know if I've torn something, just need to stretch more or what.

Realistically, I'm just not a runner anymore. Kind of sad as I would love to be able to do it...even just short runs of 3 miles a day. I just can't though.

Going to be stuck with the elliptical and Power 90 and like workouts. Or maybe I'll just let myself go and swell to 300 pounds.

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