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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Hector Matos wrote:

Antonio -

When yo get a chance, could you please explain to us the reasons behind doing Short Reps ie.{12X200 /15X300 / 15X400}


In this Let´sRunCom Forum debate I mainly focus my attention in what that´s concern about training.

In this thread in many other when the main issue that´s what concerns to training my main mission that´s to learn from opinion diversity and ideas and to participate myself in what I think that runners and coaches can take more benefits or less benefits.

I look to understand what they think about certain central subjects, how they say they do that , what they think about relevant issues in the training method.

But unfortunately you need to go through all the rubbish to find it. Emotional rescue, glorification, mystification, gratuity offence, over emotional, those who want to participate but think that are in a status that are immaculate to disagreement, to attacks, or what they consider personal attacks or simply a fair and honest fight of training ideas. That we are all exposed, no one is immune. like it or not. If anyone thinks that can come to a forum avoiding the debate, the discussion, the attacks, using a kind of wall of protection – he is wrong. That person he/she isn´t in the right place, or he may run away, or he may build his own site, or look for a site that agree that he just write is own ideas without discussion, or that people that participate just agree with him – a kind of a censorship -, or may be he build a “fan clube” with thousand of posts “Thanks mr. X, for your great insights” a kind of a beatification, self glorification, as some gurus they love that. The attitude of that gurus is such that they do “lobbing” – the lobbing target is such a mentality that they are gentle and so seductive that they build a large connection among people that may influence public opinion to take his party, despite they are right or wrong.

What they say that´s so true – and a few times so intangible - that they don´t admit any contest, any disagreement. It´s me or nothing…If someone disagrees, there goes a legion of their fans that adore him posting with mediocre comments in the style “Thanks, keep it up, fantastic contribution, please don´t go out”. That are the posts that have nothing to do with the debate, the share of ideas, that are the mere glorification of a person. Subservience that´s what they love, that´s what they get often. But not with me, i´m too old and that´s too late to be subservient. I love independence. That relationship that´s not a side-by-side, that´s not an independent one, that´s a unbalanced relationship that why I quit out school so soon. The teachers they want make me believe ther´s no contest to what they teach – but I saw that´s not true.

My voice, my opinion and my participation, goes in the direction to get down those I consider ignorant in the hypocrisy. Ignorant to a certain extend we are all. I´m no exception really. Nobody knows everything and nobody learn just by just by himself – despite that are people that thinks they know everything all the time, that they learn only by themselves and that they knew that even before the other tell them how is done. That last ones are the ignorants in hypocrisy. That´s the case of short reps in the Portuguese style. As that´s the case of lactate management Portuguese style. Before I tell you how we/I do that – similar to some other coaches concepts after all – but different than the anaerobic threshold classic concept – here it comes someone to post previously that thinks that knows all about Lactate training that even before to know and understand how we do.

I´m very happy to my participation in this site. I´ve learn a lot in several aspects, I did try my best to describe my personal opinion and to those that surround me, that what I call “portuguese training method”, that as a whole vision of my own training concepts based in my experience.

When that my 2 targets: to learn and question other training realities and training opinions and to report my own that passes from a fair discussion - let´s go. No afraid to be attacked, why should i? Only people with lack of conviction they are.

In this thread the original question that´s “Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?”

In my opinion those who taught they were experts in that matter in the classic/scientific, they were dismiss almost completely. Is that what hurts them and nothing more. They start as great experts, and they are now in a position of confusion that people asks and doubt about their knowledge and the real benefits to trains as they prescribe.

But they didn´t stop there. Now the emergent subject/matter that follows that´s your question Hector. How Portuguese we do short reps modern style ? For what I read, despite negative comments about that – they don´t know yet how is that done – at least how we actually do that. What´s our/my interpretation of that effort, what WE think that are the causes and the consequences to do that workouts. They even don´t know what are the distances, the paces, and the interval duration and what type of intervals. They did read somewhere, somehow a “vague report” how we do that short reps. How can they know better than me my own idea ?. How can they made comments and enter in a interest discussion about that matter? Right, they are able to discuss the subject, but according their own standards. They are able to discuss short reps all over the world, but not the concrete case of Portuguese reps. How they can comment what are benefices to do that or the prejudices if they don´t know yet how we do that ? They never saw no one do that in the last couple of years. Even if they saw once or twice they need to understand that in an whole training context or they risks to touch only the surface? Did they measure portuguese short reps to know what are the lactate acid concentration? So, how they can say in what extend that´s aerobic or anaerobic, or whatever? They would take more benefits if they “mind their own business”. Then they want to be immunes to comments and attacks and the debate of ideas.

That is what seems to me a poor training investigation. If I want to know an aspect/detail about Joe training method or any training method I search first, and if I have a direct source – Joe in this my example, I try to have a report how Joe do that. And if I have a direct report – the words, the Joe posts, the Joe books, Joe answers I will go in that direction. Recently I take a trip to spain just to speak with a coach directly to know how he does.

But this time I will let them speak to see at what extend goes their inconsequent and wrong comments about short reps Portuguese style. They simply talk about what they don´t know how is that done.

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