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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

1/A 1500m race is different to a 5000m race what is different to a Marathon, no big science.

2/Of course you need to train Race Pace or faster than that if you prepare for a 1500m but how long?how much?

3/In one point i totally agree with Lydiard:the development of lactate resitence is limited its not like the endurance that can be developed over years and years with the right training.What if someone is racing 800-1500 and 5k what is his Race Pace and what is faster than Race Pace?

4/What is Ruis Race Pace in the Winter, 1500?3k10k?

5/So Silva is doing 400s under 60s the whole year?

6/May be the reason why he hasnt improved much in the last couple of years.

7/So Carlos Lopes according to you was never training 1500m Race Pace but manages to run 3:40 with bad 400m speed, how is that possible?[/quote]

Seven brief ansers to your 7/ questions

1/Don´t put hat in terms of science or against science, but facts against opinions.

2/Much earlier than 6 weeks before the peak run.

3/How many Lydiard runners did improve steadily year by year, season by season "with what you consider the right training" to do Rui Silva 3:30 (that´s you say that´s no sensible progress?

4/Before the our cross nationals or world cross that he did participate a few uyeras ago afew times that´s race pace for the cross nationals; before this last edition that he did 3000m in world indoor games that´s race pace for a 3000m run; after than he did a 5000m first serious experience that´s 5000m race pace and before that he did 1500m Olymoics thus the pace race that´s race pace for 1500 meters.

5/Actually 60sec for 400m or that even pace for 300m or 500m reps that´s a joke for Rui. so easy that are. Actually that short reps stayle he never do les than 15-20X400 in 57-58 sec with 2 minute interval standing. That´s a aworkout he can do day in-day out. Simply he don´t do, but in that 60sec pace don´t count as faster than race pace. You may come see to see for yourself.

6/…Or may be the reason he got so many olymopic medals the others loved to win. A few of them failed completely in the heats.

Rui Silva was a poor boy that quit out of school to early, use to work in a hard job from sunshine to sunrise.
Now he is very rich, he got a house in Hollywwod style, a fancy sports car a Ferrari or something else i don´t underatnd nothing of cars, he got money, he is happy, he did reach their financial running targets, all their economic tagets, a beutifull wife and a daughter, he is happy, he his very happy with World gold, silver, bronze medals, and now with that olmpic bronze he is famous in our country, he need to do an operation to cure his stomach injury but money talks and he is invited to run in North Run. Well paid. Just to be present there no matter what mediocre performance he gets. He is our country pround and joy. Just 2 men he wants to be in the olympics - Guerrouj and Lagat. How many did that by the Lydiard system?
He doesn´t fell no regrets, no sorry for not improving more than 3:30 as other feel sorry for not have his life and his sucess. he was ine of the few non-africans to win an olymoic medal in middle and long distance runs in the olympics. What that got to do with science? Nothing i would say !

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