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Antonio Cabral
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

I send you another post, because i se that the doubt subsists in most of you - mainly because you are used to relate pace intensities or to physiologic zones or individual PB distances. I don´t. By race pace i mean no more no less than the even pace fr the estimate pace in the event that you elect to be your goal target - season target or next run target.
Thus if you estimate that your talent or shape condition or your performance in that goal target 800m run that´s 1:44 for any set distance (longer or shorter) that you run in that 1:44 event 800m even pace that´s race pace. you do 20X200m in 26sec average - that´s race pace. You do 3X600 in 1:18 that´s race pace. All paces faster than that - no matter in what season phase are faster than race pace from just a little faster 25.5 for 200m to maximum distance pace. All paces slower that are slower than race pace. Independently from what is the number of sets, the total set distance covered, each set unit distance.

Thus if Rui target goal season that´s 3:30, when he is doing 13.5 for 100m he is doing faster than race pace as when he is doing 2X1000m in 2:18 in a late season test control that´s faster than race pace in my concept. Independently of what are the physiologic requirements to do so.

Thus when Mamede did 62s-64s if that´s for a 1000m goal target he is doing noi more no less than faster than race pace, despite that´s during the winter build up season. But you are right, eventually the pace can be faster when season improves - that i agree, or don´t. Actually we are coming to the conclusion that you atek mote benefits by training faster than race pace, but very closer to that (even in short classic reps 300m to 600m) but shortening the interval pause and take that active. That´s the best pace support - just a little faster than race pace. Renato reveals us that detail when he says what 55sec have to do with a marathon - nothing - or 20X200 for 27sec for those that are no able to do more than 14:50 in a 5000m race? Ther´s no training transfer really !

Mamede that was 20 years ago his 27:17. That´s portuguese training but old school. Since then we did some progress in training concepts i hope so, but actually we have no more talents like Lopes and Mamede.

The question for me is that one: Rui Silva don´t know what´s lactate. His coach, that´s my friend and that have a Ph. Doc in physical education he miss and ignores completly all that scientific stuff while designing a Rui Silva schedule. He trains in simplicity. Rui coach asks to very basic questions; why are we able to run in that one pace. the answer that´s obvious, because WE ARE ABLE to run in that pace, and nothing more, independently of what max.VO2, ro in what lactate mmol Rui Silva runs or in what pace Rui are in anaerobic, Lt, or what are the aerobic amount or the anaerobic amount that Rui uses in a 1500m Olympic final.
But he knows Rui better than anyone else. He knows what are weak and strong in Rui. So, he design a schedule according the season and pace principles, nothing more really.
Thus he takes in consideration in what paces, the race pace, the slower ones than race pace and the faster ones than race pace may Rui train in the specifics.

Now, what can i say to you? I just try to do the best description of that process.

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