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RE: Down goes the Dow

Let Us Begin wrote:

[quote]agip wrote:

[quote]Let Us Begin wrote:

[quote]agip wrote:

well by l'fisky's readings of the chart tea leaves, we have a short term bullish trading signal.

The US measured by VTI has already rebounded 2.5% from its lows last week. Was this just another headfake that shook out the weak hands and will force them to buy back in at higher prices?


We are looking for substance here. Not nonsense about tea leaves, trading signals, head fakes and weak hands.


Guess I'll have to continue to wait for Maserati.[/quote]

but to be fair to me, what I wrote was not nonsense. I used to be in the hedge fund world and I know how groupthink works - hedgies all do the same thing at once, and that drives the market in one direction to the next. In other words, quick 5% drops like we just had are usually the result of hedge funds trying to be smart and computer programs. No fundamental economic reason for it.

They all rush out at once, then rush back in at the same time. Again and again and again.

If you are looking for 1 + 2 = 3 sort of economic truths predicting the moves of the stock market, you will never get that. And you will be disappointed.[/quote]

OK, not looking for 1 + 2 = 3 sorts of economic truths. Just some substance.

I will try to be fair to you here. I understand what you are saying about how groupthink works. And your perception of little ups and downs is certainly defensible. But it is not any more substantive than the little ups and downs themselves.

Ultimately it doesn't really matter what I would like to see here. I understand that. But what would be nice would be discussions/arguments of substance. Rudeness is perfectly welcome but not necessary. But little comments about trading ranges, market dips, 200-day trading signals, etc. just take up space without illuminating much of anything.

Like I said, I very much look forward to Maserati's work. And of course, it does not matter what I would like to see.

Oh, and you remain my favorite poster (along with Kaitainen).


Thank you for being kind.

well I see this thread as a discussion zone of the markets and strategy - some worthy arguments, some trivial. But I like its vibe so I keep contributing to help keep it alive, whether or not I have something important to say that day.

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