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Sir Lance-alot
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Once again, thanks so much for your time in answering the questions I asked you. (And yes, good point about the "portuguese knight - Jose Azevedo" helping our Sir Lance win another tour).

You have eliminated 99% of my uncertainties with your last post, but of course ( :-) ) I need my final 1% of questions clarified IF possible (thanks for your patience!)

I see better what you mean about the volume of Rui's training. While total miles are not an obsession, the volume that Rui runs is QUITE ample (and I am glad I asked questions so I do understand better now). When one first sees "40 minutes twice as day, no more no less", one does think: wow, that's not a lot of running for a world class runner. my math showed (my math based on your information), Rui is ALMOST ALWAYS (except during competitive cycle) running 80+ miles a week. In fact (and I will get to this point in a moment), it seems to me that he is running (IF one counts all warm-up and warm-down miles) in excess of NINETY miles a week most weeks. Yes, of course you are correct that this clearly is NOT a minimalist approach. Because by regularly getting in those two 40 minute runs (even on a day when a "quality workout" is run....and the 2nd 40 minute run is part of that workout session: broken into 10 min warm-up and 30 min cool down) nearly EVERY day....the volume is ALWAYS there. Very simple, and very beautiful.

2nd Point/question about the mileage/volume. You wrote that I was correct in my calculation of: " ' we sum the miles and we see the weekly total volume'.....we get what on the average for Rui for build-up period? 6 days x12.5 miles + 1 day(Sun) of 7.75 = 82.75 (or approx 80-85) per week". BUT you also tell me that Rui never(rarely) runs weeks of only PURE aerobic runs, of ONLY two 40 min runs a day. That there is always SOME basic speed or "quality" work included in the week (even if not too fast, or not too much). also said that when he runs a "quality/speed" workout, he includes 10 min warm-up and 30 min cool-down (at typical, avg 4:00 per kilo pace) as part of the session. And then also runs a 2nd 40 min aerobic session later that day. SO......does Rui usually (most of the year) run about 3 "quality workouts" a week? And does he usually average about 2-4 miles of quality/faster running during these sessions?? If so (and I feel confident in you saying "yes" at this point), then one could add 6-12 additional miles a week(of quality/faster running) to calculate Rui's typical weekly totals. I alluded to earlier, we get about 80-85 weekly miles from the two daily 40 minute runs (on workout days, one of the 40 min runs is broken into 10 min warm-up and 30 min cool-down) PLUS(+) 6-12 (typically) quality/speed miles (intervals, hills, etc) per week.

SO.....if one wants to be overly accurate (as I am doing..... :-) ), one should say: Rui's typical miles run per week(in the last few years, during non-competition cycles) are in the range of 86- 97 miles per week, depending on pace of aerobic runs ( which are run at a pace of between about 5:50-6:40 min per mile) and depending on # of workouts and # of quality/speed miles run per workout.

Is that final analysis of mine pretty close to the mark? If so, I think I understand the volume aspect (amount and structure) of Rui's training well now. And thanks to your previous posts and articles, I do believe I already understand the quality/speed aspect (the race paced longer intervals, the hills, and the "faster than race pace" stuff). Once more I must say: THANKS!

(and good luck to you and Rui).

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