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RE: Can LR have a respectful conversation about Matt Llano's announcement?

jeffrey d. boomhauer wrote:

yeah this dude is a real hero. Takes courage...or tell everyone that you greatly prefer other dudes to penetrate your anus with their penis and that you seriously like sucking a dude off. Really a fine human being. What a truly great American for letting us all know the extent of his depravity and details of his sexual perversion. The guy should obviously get a medal, the key to the city, and a federal govt grant. I bet he'll soon be written of in govt school textbooks for 2nd graders to teach them how to be homo heroes just like him.
bravo indeed...

I was going to delete the post, but I think I'll leave it up at least for a while. If the entire thread gets derailed I'll clean it up.

I just want to establish it's the physical act that is what you are opposed to right? I have no idea what Matt Llano has or has not done in his bedroom but I just want to get your opposition out there.

Is it OK if your wife does the same act with you?

It reminds me of the sermon at church a few months ago. My wife and I started going to the local church in our neighborhood. We really like the church. Good pastor. Turns out the church split from the mainstream Episcopalian church because the mainstream church was too tolerant on homosexuality.

The assistant pastor one day spoke. The guy doesn't like change. He turned to homosexuality and it was clear he was opposed to the physical acts that may or may not be being done. I started wondering exactly what acts he was opposed to and whether many of the heterosexual members of the congregation were engaging in such acts.

My brothers-in-law are gay (they are married). I've never asked them about their private lives and they've never asked me about mine. Yet I'm supposed to condemn them for things they may or may not be doing? What about myself should the pastor ask us to what's going on in the bedroom?

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