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Mary Cain, iSavant

tisktisk wrote:

I really don't think this is a good idea. Look what happened to Webb after going pro in college.

I think she should just enjoy being a collegiate runner. Those are four years of her life she'll never be able to have. And she has the rest of her life to go pro.

And it's not like she wouldn't have any competition in the NCAA. Sure, she might find better competition in the pro world, but she sure as hell wouldn't be alone in a college race.

It's a shame that she's rushing into being a pro. I hope it all works out for her. I hope she never regrets not having a normal childhood experience, but I think she will.

In retrospect, Cain may have had only two choices: stay at home and go to Columbia or stay with the Salazars, or near them, and go to a school in Portland. Reed was out; she could not possibly fit in. I don't think Cain has the social experience to be comfortable in a hormone laden atmosphere that is found in the usual suspect schools. Like actors in their element, Cain is most alive running and in competition. After that she is alive as a student/competitor. She is always a competitor. She has that fire in her belly.

As for regrets about not having a normal childhood experience, she cannot very well start getting that experience now. She must already know she is paying a price for her "genius" in athletics. She will be, or already is, philosophical about this. She could not be Mary and be normal as others are normal.

If she visited any of the Ivies other than Columbia, I think Admissions would be reluctant giving her a yes. Cain needs the comfort and protection of family. Having a ball at Harvard or Stanford or Oregon? I don't think that is Cain at all.

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