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RE: Down goes the Dow

Klondike5 wrote:

[quote]coach d wrote:

Talks have stalled and Sun. evening S&P futures are down 11.25. Don't jump to any conclusions about what direction the market has moved or is moving. This thing is NOT over.

I've been predicting a significant drop from the beginning, but agip and the other know-it-alls here have laughed at my sell-and-wait strategy. Now my time has come and I will have the last laugh.[/quote]

The Real Klondike5, if you read my OP, never predicted anything. I just believed that there is a very real possibility of a significant drop and the market and so got out in June when the Dow was @ 15,000. The Real Klondike5 does not use clunky phraseology like "know it alls" and would not use those hyphen thingies if he did -- is that you agip? Do you refutate the claim you are the Fake Klondike?

I am very happy with being out of the market now. Too damn risky. The Dow rallies 300 plus points in one day because there is hope that the GOP and Dems will agree to something. When the NYTimes reports that no agreement was reached, the Asian markets and future markets went into free fall. The NYTimes then pulls the report -- which was true, and the market went up another hundred on Friday. This is not the actions of a legit investment. This is no place to have your money right now

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