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why not

A Duck wrote:

[quote]Wondering in the West wrote:

I'm going to defend A Duck here. This board could be much better. Just days ago, clowns said Allyson Felix took a dive 50 meters into her race. REALLY? She trained all year to take a dive? Then ultra-sound shows a tear and people are still trashing her.

But everyone gets trashed here, from Billy Mills to Pre to Coe to Lagat to Rupp (all the time) to Centro to Leo to Solinsky, Derrick, Ritz, Bekele, etc. Doesn't matter how good you are, how classy you are, the accomplishments you've received, you will feel the wrath of the jealous fun runners and middling college and post-collegiate runners on LetsRun.

I'm one who would like to read those Dellinger workouts from A Duck, or get insights into the UO program past and present. But he's wise not to put his name up or divulge anything. The haters have set the tone for this board -- and they've won. While it would take a lot of work -- perhaps they should hire a full-time message board monitor -- I think the brothers Johnson should weed out 3/4's of the garbage spewed here. I know it will never happen. I'm not sure why it won't happen.

Thank you.

The reason they won't clean this place up is greed, and complacency. They give other reasons, and then don't hold to the standards of those reasons themselves.

They could easily, and cheaply outsource the moderating of this board off shore. Many publications do that now. It's cost very, very little.

Because they don't, the most important people lose. The genuine fans, the good faith athletes, the good actors.

Everyone suffers at the hands of the bad actors and libelers here; all so the Lojo's can make a few dollars.

Their fear is that they couldn't revamp this place and do as well. They're living in fear, too afraid to find out. If you go back in history in the forum you can see that there are tons of people that would have stuck around and had good fun and good faith conversations on the sport.

Tons of elites would visit too.

But, LRC and the Lojo's have blown that. They owe the sport a big apology.[/quote]

I'm not new, just don't come here that often. I agree they should moderate the board. At the least they should require posting by registered users only, that way people couldn't post endlessly under new names.

However, I don't think they owe an apology. This is still the best running site out there, and its their choice how to run the boards. Even with moderators, there would still be a ton of garbage that couldn't be cleaned up. So its a matter of degree and tolerance, and the brojos probably decided the marginal gain isn't worth the cost.

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