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why not

A Duck wrote:

[quote]Pulled a Muscle Yawning wrote:

[quote]A Duck wrote: To anyone who thinks he dopes, I dare you to call his father's line at American University, and leave your real name and real phone number.

Although I agree with your defense of Centro, I would say your challenge is a pretty bold dare coming from someone who doesn't even have the stones to post under his true identity instead of the anonymous "A Duck."

Am I any better in choosing to stay anonymous? No, but nor do I spout defensive opinions on a daily basis as you do. Show some sack.[/quote]

What purpose would that serve?

I could tell you I was Rudy Chapa or Jim Hill, and what would happen?

Some people would be impressed and compliment and ask questions. And then the haters would post attacks under different names creating a "dogpile" as one person called it, trying to make it appear as if there was a consensus vis a vis the attacks...and that is why all the real name name/former name people have left over the years.

I'll tell you what, if this place had been run respectfully from the start, I would have posted under my real name, and those threads asking about Dellinger's approach and training? --I would have scanned an entire year of his workouts (I still have the weekly sheets put in my locker every Monday AM), and made them available for free on line.

But because there are so many people allowed to act like aszholes here; because there are so many flat out liars here; because those liars change their handle every time and try to make it seem like there's truth or consensus to their

You don't get my real name; you don't get my best inside stories*, and you don't get such content as the Dellinger workouts. (*I have a story from the last NCAA's that is blow your head off insider great entertaining, hilarious, and positive stuff, and no, because some of you had to ruin it for the rest over the years, no, this place doesn't get that content. --And I am on record, years ago, that because of the behavior here, I will not give away great stories and content here. The bad actors, and the brojo's don't deserve it.)

The bad apples have spoiled it for the rest of you; and the only way to counter that is to report their posts, email the brojo's and call out the bad actors as you see them post.

That's the way it goes.[/quote]

why don't the brojo's deserve it?

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