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RE: Wall St Journal looks at Houston Doc who treats Rupp, other thyroid users

How farest thy roid? wrote:

If they ban bronchodilators for those without a proper asthma diagnosis, how can they allow this to continue? It is absurd-- and suspicious-- to call someone with a TSH of 2.0 hypo. There is some personal variation, but 2.0, or even 4.0, is absolutely fine. It's when you're 10.0 and above that you have a real problem. I had a level of 15.9 (hereditary) and was treated down to 2.5, at which I felt great. Hell, I even felt pretty good, and ran comparatively well, at 9.0 while on the way down to 2.5. Until we know the pre-treatment TSH levels of these athletes (and why doesn't Dr. Thyroxin provide these numbers? He doesn't have to name names) we'll never know if hard training actually causes true hypothyroidism. If it turns out that all of them had TSHs over 10.0, or even 5.0, he might be onto something. I doubt it will, however. I have excessively tired athletes routinely tested for TSH (along with iron and the other basic markers) and none has ever come back higher than 2.5. And all eventually worked through their fatigue without supplementation.

Research shows that 95% of the population has a TSH between .5 and 2.5.

The American Association of Endocrinologist range for normal is .5 to 3.0 and recommend investigation for treatment outside of that number.

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