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John Andrews
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Renato Canova wrote:

Instead, if I have the goal to increase the AnT of an athlete running, for example, 5000m, the system must be different. I have to use a combined work that has different means : short and continue distance at 95-98% of the race pace (4-6 km, that we call "fast short continue run") ; long intervals at a speed of 2-3% faster than the race pace (for ex., 4 x 2000 rec. 3 min, or 3 x 3000 rec. 3 min, for an amount of about 2 times the length of the race); medium intervals at a speed of 3-5 % faster than the race pace, using very short intervals (f.e., 3 sets of 6 x 500m rec. 45 sec. between tests, 4-5 min between tests). The combined action of these workouts provokes an increment in the level of AnT. You must support all this type of work with a very big volume of full Aerobic run (70-85% of the pace of the race, if you are a specialist of 5000m). Without this, the AnT grows in short time, but the athlete cannot preserve his shape for long time.

Renato, if I may ask about this 5000m part as I am a 5K specialist.

These sessions, if I read them right, seem extraordinarily difficult for a runner to complete.

For instance, you said long intervals at a pace 2-3% faster than race pace (5000 meter pace) and gave the example of 3x3000m. But let us look at a very top athlete attempting to do this session, like Gebrselassie.

12:39.36 is a pace of 2:31.87 per 1,000 meters, or 7:35.16 at 3,000 meters. So, (and perhaps I am simply reading your post incorrectly), Gebrselassie would do 3 7:35 3,000's with just 3 min. recovery between!

This I think is quite impossible. I was looking at those workouts above and, with the possible exception of the 600m workout, I do not think I could finish any!

A man named John Kellogg used to post here a lot about lactate threshold training, and the example of trainig he gave were sessions such as 10-15 repetitions of 3 minutes at about 5K pace+30 secs./mile or a 25-30 min. continuous run at this pace.

It was stressed that the Anaerobic Threshold (or Lactate threshold, although I believe they are slightly different) is a steady state, comfortably hard effort with a steady value of lactic acid (4 mmol).

Those sessions you gave above would seem to be much harder than a steady state effort, comfortably hard.

Please let me know what you think and I thank you for your great contributions to this board.

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