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the real problem
RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

Alberto Contadoro wrote:

My above post is a general post. About drugs in sport in general, and athletics in particular.
It is was not directed at Rupp or Farah or Solomon or anyone else, by any other means that they are top class class athletes where fame, glory and money is involved. I know nothing more than the general poster about these particular athletes.

Also speaking in general. It is not the athletes fault that they start doping, it is the system. Who would blame a poor boy who spent all his resources the last 10 years at becoming the best runner possible. Encouraged by coaches and parents yelling everything is possile if you want it enough. Then he finds learns that it really isnt true after all, by himself, by a manager, coach or agent.
In addition studies has shown that a large majority of us would use a drug if it was undetectable and gave the advantage for winning an olympic medal. The same studies even show that more than 50% would use the drug if it was seriously detrimental to their own long term health. Humans are obsessed at gaining competitive advantages in every part of life.

Go after the system, the IAAF, the coaches, the agents and the managers. Not the athletes. The athletes in general want an equal playing field without doping, the reality is just not like that at the moment. Just have in the back of your head that 90% of the best are doped. And do your son or daughter a favor, dont have them play cards into sport, because everything isnt possible.

I agree with much of what you are saying. However the real problem is the brainwahsing dogma that makes people believe in so called PED's like you do.

You're 50-55% hematocrit figures are typical, but misguided. Do you realize what that means in terms of lower plasma percentage, think about it, it's simple aritmetic. Now think about how the heart is supposed to pump all of that and ask yourself how it can be more efficient at pumping all of that around the system instead of natural numbers, whereby heart rate and stroke volume can give you all of the oxgyen you need and more. You just have to learn how to use it efficiently.

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