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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

Bloodhound wrote:

Wejo, I've always found fault around the notion that someone's "progression" is proof or even an indication of doping. Most of the busted runners in our sport have had gradual progressionsm and most of the people who have major breakthroughs (uneven progressions) are as clean as Mother Theresa. Rupp's sudden breaktrough in the last 18 months isn't proof of anything, even though he has had a sudden breakthrough in his speed (1500) and his finishing kick, going from top 8-10 championship material to a world beater. With Rupp and the NOP crew the TUEs and thyroid meds are a flag, and a bona fide reason for suspicion. Also, Rupp's coaches associations with Victor Conte, Dr. Stray-Gundersen (EPO expert) and Mary Slaney are also valid reasons for suspicion. Doesn't make Rupp or Salazar guilty, but is sure doesn't look right.

I got back on here to make one more point I forgot to post and I saw your post.

First I'll address your post. I have never understood the thyroid issue as being evidence of doping. If you get a legitimate TUE for thyroid medication you can use it. It is not doping. Now some want to believe that thyroid medication can give an unfair advantage and should be banned, but if it is allowed and you have a legitimate TUE for it, I don't see how that is doping. I would argue if you think it gives an unfair advantage then you should push for getting the TUE rule for thyroid changed. I think athletes should be transparent about their TUEs. Some may think thyroid medication is against the spirit of sport which I am fine with. Then the rule needs to be changed. I don't want the person with the best doctors to win, I want the best athlete to win.

On another point, Mary Slaney is a drug cheat according to the IAAF. Everytime I write that I get nasty emails but according to the IAAF her ban was never overturned and she is a cheat. Alberto did coach her when she got her ban. Those are facts from what I can discern:

Yes I know Mary and her crew dispute the T/E ratio test.

Does that mean Alberto doped her? Of course not. Athletes dope all the time without their coach's knowledge.

The point I was going to make before seeing Bloodhound's post was that the the "The Super Hot" on Letsrun on the homepage is automatically generated by a computer. If a thread gets so many hits in a certain time period it goes to the homepage. I didn't agree with the title of the thread yesterday about Goucher "Slamming" Alberto but the poster made it that way. Yet "A Duck" somehow wants to use that as evidence of my bias.

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